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This website is an ongoing, ever-growing, always under-construction website for jewelers/metalsmiths/goldsmiths or for people wanting to learn jewelry making/metalsmithing/goldsmithing.  Within its pages, you’ll find lots of information that just might help you to solve a problem, advance your skills, or inspire.  I appreciate your visit and hope that you enjoy your time here.

My name is Nancy LT Hamilton (the LT is rumored to mean “Loose Tongue”!).   I am a jeweler, educator, YouTuber, artist, writer, and a few other things.  Mother, wife and cat lover and officially (for 1 1/2 years now) a senior citizen with no retirement in sight.  I love what I do and have yet to run out of something to say or teach!

    I started life on the internet 11 years ago! I began my internet life as a YouTuber and now I seem to be all over the interweb – it feels like it!  You should hop on over to my YouTube Channel.  As of today, there are over 140 jewelry making, how-to videos posted – it’s a labor of love!  Learn to be a jeweler, brush-up on your skills, learn something new, or just come by for a laugh.  You can even watch me aging – it’s magic!!!

Here’s my latest YouTube Video:  The Spinner and Trapped Spinner     Bead.  (August 2020)

    Because I’ve lost my mind, I started ANOTHER YouTube Channel called:  Nancy LT Hamilton’s Short Attention Span Theater, hosted by my drag alter ego, Lady “Mama” Sawder Rhight.  (I’m a woman, dressing like a man who is dressing like a woman – whew!).

Nancy LT Hamilton’s Short Attention Span Theater, as the name implies, is starting to fill up with jewelry making videos that are less than 5 minutes long.  So, if you are stuck in a line, have to get to work, or have 7 kids to wrangle, you’ll only need 5 minutes (or less) to learn something new!  Easy Peasy!  Subscribe and turn on notifications to get notified when new videos come out of my and Lady Sawder Rhight’s studios!

    Why not burrow down the rabbit hole with me into my Pinterest page? It’s full of amazing art, fashion, and of course, jewelry! Currently, I have 47 boards and 5,500 pins.  It’s a great place for inspiration.

My work is there too. Come visit my gallery!  Soon, some of my pieces on Pinterest will be available for sale, in my store (coming someday)!  Soon-ish!

    Of course, there’s Instagram (

    I have THREE Facebook pages (Mama has her own now but, she’s so busy she hasn’t posted much yet!)

    Mama’s Facebook page.

  Nancy LT Hamilton Jewelry Facebook page.

The Riveted Portrait Pendant Project Video is Available for purchase! 

Buy The Riveted Portrait Pendant Project Video Now! 

Check out the Trailer for this video.

Here’s my beautiful model Arianna, wearing just one of the many potential variations on this great necklace!

*Note, this is an older video BUT, all the techniques are still relevant and it’s still a great project (just like me!)  I show you how to do polymer clay image transfer, saw, rivet, cut acrylic, and make that killer chain – among a bunch of other necessary jewelry making skills!!!  Download speeds are current.

New, full-length videos are in the works too!  Here’s a teaser of a few of the videos, that will be available in my Shopify store.

 The Inca Puno Bracelet

 The Figure 8 Chain Maille Bracelet

And more coming!

Riveted Portrait Pendant

Variations of the Riveted Portrait Pendant

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Thanks for visiting!  Have fun and I hope you learn something new.  So glad you stopped by!   Nancy