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Hey, were you aware that I have a project video?  The Riveted Portrait Pendant is full of great jewelry-making information.  Plus, when you’re done making this piece, you’ll have an amazing, personalized necklace.
Did you know that I have a video on Craftsy?  It’s called Prong Setting from Start to Finish.  

Riveted Portrait Pendant Project Video

I’ve put together a great project video around creating a riveted portrait pendant.e full video is for sale on Gumroad and all proceeds go to helping me create more free jewelry content for you 😊!

This is an older video BUT, all the techniques are still relevant and it’s still a great project (just like me!)  I show you how to do polymer clay image transfer, saw, rivet, cut acrylic, and make that killer chain – among a bunch of other necessary jewelry-making skills!!!  Download speeds are current.

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