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Last updated: 3/21/2017

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Image of youtube logo  My name is Nancy LT Hamilton (the LT is rumored to mean “Loose Tongue”!). I am a jeweler, educator, YouTuber, artist, writer and all around nutcase. I have a YouTube Channel, with over 100 jewelry making, how-to videos, that you must watch!

Image result for pinterest logo  You should also check out my Pinterest page. It’s full of amazing art, fashion and of course, jewelry!  My work is there too. Come visit my gallery! Currently, I have 47 boards and 5,500 pins.  It’s a great place for inspiration.

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I have a Craftsy video available called: Prong Settings from Start to Finish.  I cover three different types of prong settings – each one, progressively more technically difficult.  The settings are the simple prong setting, the simple basket setting, and the traditional basket setting.  Click here or on the image to see visit my class at Craftsy. 

  Some examples of rings made with the settings covered in the video.

It was more work than I’ve done in a hundred years but, it was an amazing experience and the video is awesome!  Craftsy did a good job making me look good.  That’s a difficult job – as you can imagine!!!

Watch a Trailer of the Video: Prong Settings from Start to Finish.

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I have another video available, read on!

The Riveted Portrait Pendant Project Video is Available for purchase! 

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Riveted Portrait Pendant  Check out the Trailer for this video.

Variations of the Riveted Portrait Pendant

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