The Rivited Portrait Pendant Trailer

This is the trailer for my full length project video:
The Riveted Portrait Pendant. If this looks like a project that you want to make, then I’ll show you how to make it! It’s a fun project and a fabulous piece! The video will be available soon for download, but in the meanwhile, go to my hompage and sign up for my FREE newsletter to get some great jewelry making tips, and to stay updated on the release of the new project video.
Thanks for watching!

6 thoughts on “The Rivited Portrait Pendant Trailer”

  1. Hi Mike, thanks so much for your support. I hope that by now, you have received an email notification of the video link. I’m so far behind on emails, that it is a crime. Thanks and take care. Nancy

  2. Nancy,
    I look forward to purchasing your video and definitely want to support your continuing efforts to provide useful and informative training videos. I assume we will be notified when the Riveted Portrait Pendant DVD or download is available for purchase. Thanks so much for your generosity and commitment to share your knowledge and know how.

  3. Hi Linda, Thanks for your support. The video will be released the first week of April. I will announce the date in my newsletter. The price, I believe, will be 25.00 less the 15% discount for signing up for the newsletter. Hope this helps and thanks again. I appreciate you wishing to buy my video. Nancy

  4. Hi Evelyn, I love your enthusiasm! The video will be released the first week in April. I’m pretty sure it will be $25.00 less the 15% for subscribing to the newsletter. It will, initially be in download form as we haven’t figured out how to do the DVD thing yet. This is all so new to us and we are muddling our way through it all. I, in particular have had to learn how to work at least three new programs – which hurts my brain. So, it’ll be there and soon. The second newsletter is due for release on Wednesday, March 27th so, not long now.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes we get frozen in grief. I hope that this video does help you to get back into your craft. I just lost my kitty (no comparison to your loss but very painful too), Minky who lived with us for 17 years. I was so torn about putting him to sleep and I asked for any of my dead friends or relatives for a word on what to do (I know, I’m nuts!). What came into my head was: life will go on. So, I’m doing that – going on. Dust off the cobwebs and get ready to make a present for yourself! You deserve it. If you have any questions about the contents of the video, let me know. As I said, this is all new and there will, no doubt, be a learning curve on my end. Thanks again. Take care and enjoy. Nancy

  5. I can’t find where to order your new full length project video, “Riveted Portrait Pendant” or the price.

    Thank You,

    Linda Nelson

  6. I am so excited and can’t wait to buy your video… for the full project pendant. And also I can’t wait to read the newsletter. Please let me know how much the project is so I can pay in advance and hopefully get the video as it is ready for download. Will you be selling a disk version…I would buy that too, as I prefer a backup. My mother died in August of 2012 and I have not been able to make jewelry or write (my profession) so my hope is getting this video from you (my all time favorite) will spur me on, reawaken my muse and get me started again. Thank you so much for all the free videos but I love contributing to your work efforts. With warmest friendship, Evelyn

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