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  1. HI Roxy, Ah, Do I have an answer for you! You’ll need either two containers (glass or plastic)and a crock pot or three containers. You can microwave the water or heat it up on the stove. Don’t boil, just pretty hot. Make sure that there is enough water to cover the piece. I use a small, dedicated crock pot from the junk store for this purpose Mix up the LOS in a seperate container and fill one more container with clean (cold or warm is fine) water. Using tweezers or tongs, drop the silver into the very hot water, wait until the metal heats up – a minute or so. With the tongs, pick up the hot silver and dip it into the LOS. Pull it out of the LOS after a second. Hold it there and watch as the colors change. If you love the colors, immediately rinse in the clear water. Not the colors you want? Repeat the process. Generally, the first dunking will result in yellow/gold. The second pinks/reds, the third turquoise/purples, the fourth moving into gray. After you are done with the colors, drop the piece into a container containing baking soda and water to help neutralize the LOS. Rinse again and seal. I’m liking a product called Protectaclear (http://www.everbritecoatings.com/silver.htm) from Everbrite for sealing but, you can use Renaisannce wax or other products. The issue with the wax though is that the colors are altered by the product. I haven’t seen much color change with the Everbrite product. Hope this helps and let me know how it goes! Take care. Nancy

  2. Nancy, I love your videos – I watch them repeatedly to teach myself techniques. Question about liver of sulfer. I have 2 different types, and they both stain the silver completely black – there is no yellow /red transition colors. Just black. What am i doing wrong?

  3. Okay Pete, I’d love to help but, afterall, I am a visual person. I can’t see what you’re talking about. How about emailing me a sketch of what you want to do? Then perhaps our two heads can figure out one solution or several!

  4. You are a wizardess in metal. OK, now that I have you all puffed up and preening, I have a question. I have a Black Hills Gold ring. The band has separated at six oclock. As you are no doubt aware Black Hills Gold is often 10 carat as is this ring. Although I have no experience in jewelry making, I am pretty cognizant not to mention handy, and I think I might be able to tackle what I am about to propose to you. So here goes;
    Might I make a tight loop (of silver) sort of like a paper clip, press it down on the inside of the band, then wrap it back around and around and around to make a ‘bridge’ between the separated ‘limbs’ of the band? Then somehow heat seal the silver to the band? Hammering, maybe? Am I being completely naive? Maybe I could just solder the ends and make sure that the ‘winding’ is carefully done?

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