2 thoughts on “Earrings

  1. Love, Love, Love these earrings!! I’m just beginning to learn how to make jewelry and ran across your videos on YouTube. I just hope someday I’ll be able to create something this awesome!!

  2. Nancy, these are beautiful but that’s not why I’m writing to you! I want to subscribe to this blog/website/whatever you like to call it but I can’t find a link or anything!

    I just discovered you this evening – why!? You remind me so much of me, my way of doing things and my way of being that I should have discovered you a couple of years ago when I started this metal-bashing lark. I’ve just sat and watched all your videos, meanwhile I have a whole bunch of copper clasps downstairs that I need to make bars for (your vids were more interesting).

    So, tell me how to make sure I don’t miss a post please… I subscribed to your videos on youtube but I want to make sure I get the posts on here too.

    Fank you


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