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  1. Aloha Nancy! I don’t know y but I can’t view any pics in ur gallery from my iPad. Maybe it’s only me since I am reading the comments left by others? Anyway, jus wanted to say hi n that I love all of ur videos n ur work n most of all ur humor! Keep them coming, I am an aspiring jewelry maker…mostly dreaming of creating stuff, trying to get into soldering n metal work. I just think u r fabulous! U inspire me! ~ Cee

  2. Gayle Steinmetz

    Nancy, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being the most informative (and intertaining) tutor out there! I’ve been searching for the best tutorials online to learn from and you’ve taught me SO much about the techniques I need to learn. I’m a “newbie” at jewelry-making and have yet to find a school that I can afford at this time. I work full-time as a graphic designer, but that’s minimal since I never attended school for that “title”. I’m very mechanical in everything I do. In other words, I like tinkering, so I’m mostly attracted to wire working and the mechanics involved. Thank you for being who you are and keep up those videos! I need them! WE need them! – Oh – and you’re FUNNY! LOL I like that, too.

  3. Wow!!! Your work is elegant, edgy, inspiring, and beautiful!! Thanks for getting my creative juices going.

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