In the Studio with Nancy – Past and Present Volumes

Last updated:  9/18/18, 5/10/18

Nancy LT Hamilton

    This page contains links to my already sent Newsletters, for those that haven’t received them or want to view them again.  I am no longer writing the newsletter as I’m a busy, busy girl and just ran out of time!  Sorry. But, I have hopes to start it up again – in the immediate future.

Have fun in the studio.

  • ITSWN Volume 2.  Introductory email – info on the Riveted Portrait Pendant and YouTube uploads.
  • ITSWN Volume 3.  A comparison of Gold Filled, Gold Plate, Vermeil, Gold Electroplate, Technibond, Gold Flash, Heavy Gold Plate and Gilded Metal, etc.
  • ITSWN Volume 4.  Thoughts on creativity and finding the center of a disc.
  • ITSWN Volume 5.  Making art and dealing with our internal critics. Adaptation for the center finder.
  • ITSWN Volume 6.  New discoveries, embossing without a rolling mill, my Hawaii trip, flex shaft, developing a style and more.
  • ITSWN Volume 7.  Selling your work, artists, babble.
  • ITSWN Volume 8.  Stone setting books, ideas, deliberate/non-deliberate practice, etc.
  • ITSWN Volume 9. Enameling
  • ITSWN Voluminous 10 (seeing if you’re awake!). On teaching the craft and more.
  • ITSWN Volume 11.  Babbling, artists, tips and tricks from my non-existent book.
  • ITSWN Volume 12.  Getting out of a rut, pushing your art, babbling.
  • ITSWN Volume 13.  Etching and more etching.
  • ITSWN Volume 14.  Stone setting tools, babbling.

Thanks to all who subscribed!