Photo Editing Software

Nancy LT Hamilton

Updated:  6/14/18

Photo Editing Software


  • $$$ = Expensive
  • $$ = Kinda Expensive
  • $ = Cheap
  • Free

corel  $  Corel Paint Shop PRo X6 Ultimate – $79.99 US – Corel, like Adobe, has a ton of programs for every conceivable use.  You can download a free trial version of many of these programs.

  PhotoDirector 9 by Cyberlink. $ $49.99  (I found it for $34.90 on Amazon.  Looks like the same program.  Check it out.) and DirectorSuite 6 – from $179.99, that includes sound, video, and photo editing.  For PC or Mac (PhotoDirector 9Deluxe version –  is NOT for Mac).  PhotoDirector 9 Ultra includes Cyberlink cloud storage of 25GB a year, layer editing, templates, and a bunch of other stuff that the Deluxe version doesn’t have. Here’s a link to their comparison page.  This is not a simple app.  IT will take time to learn.

 photo-editor-pro Free – Photo Editor Pro for Android. Photo Editor Pro for iPhone and iPad.

  photoshop  $$$ +++ Adobe Photoshop – $999.95 US on Amazon – for older version: CS6 (as of 6/2014).The new Photoshop CC requires a monthly “Creative Cloud Plan” which I’m not thrilled with but, you may be.  Starting at $9.99 and skyrocketing up to $82.98 a month, it’s pricey.  You can download a free trial version to check it out.  Adobe has many types of programs for your artistic expression.  Click on the word Adobe, above to see what they have available.  This is not a simple app, it will take time to learn.

On a personal note:  What have they done???  It’s insane that we have to “rent” the software AND can’t access our files if we don’t pay the rent.  Not happy.  I’ll keep my antique version until it no longer interfaces with my Mac.

Don’t forget:  Student and Teacher versions of Photoshop are MUCH cheaper. Older versions work great too.

elements  $$  Photoshop Elements –  $99.99 US

picasa    Free Picasa – Google’s photo editing App.  Here’s a review from

  pixlr Free  Pixlr  

Works very similarly to Photoshop. It is an online program – which means you don’t download and install it on your system.  It’s great for preparing web images and has the three features that I use most: Curves, Brightness/Contrast, and Image Size.  A drawback of this program is that it isn’t designed to save high resolution, like 300 dpi, photos.  So, if you need a photo editing software that will give you print or competition quality images, this isn’t the one for you.  Pixlr saves in either 72 dpi or 96 dpi – great for the web but, not for print. *Note: According to Pixlr, you can’t choose to save in 72 dpi or 96 dpi but, the difference in size is minimal.  You can resize the image and that is done in pixels, not inches or millimeters.

Pixlr also has three different products:

  •  Pixlr Web – a free web-based photo editor, choose either Pixlr Express or Pixlr Editor.
  • Pixlr Mobile – a free photo editor for your mobile device.
  • Pixlr-O-Matic – a Mobile and Web-based app that creates vintage looks, frames, and borders.

serif  $$ or $ for older version  * Serif Photo Plus X7Free and paid version ($99.99 on their site). You can get the prior (X6) version as an Amazon Download for $67.45 US (as of 6/2014).

Well, that should keep you busy for a while.  Have fun!

  Sketch by Bohemian Coding.  $ or $$.  Initial year is $99.00 for licensing.  But, if you don’t renew, you can continue to use the program and you can access your files in the cloud – you just can’t upload any new stuff.  Compared to Photoshop’s plan, where you can’t use the program and can’t access your files (if you don’t renew) this is fab!  For Mac.

snapseed-logo Free Snapseed for Mac compatible with iPad and iPhone.  Snapseed – compatible with all Android devices. Snapseed is a photo editing software for mobile devices.

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