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Where do I get granules for granulation?



I want to make a pendant that has a stone with graduated round sterling silver beads around part of the bezel.  I have been searching for the beads but can only find beads that are drilled for stringing. I want some without the drilled holes that I can just solder to the side of the bezel. Any ideas on where to find these?


Why not make your own? Do they have to be hollow?

What you are describing sounds a lot like granulation. I have a YouTube video on how to make consistently sized spheres, if you’re interested. . BTW, I didn’t see an image.

To adhere the balls to the ring: mix Klyr fire with flux, let dry, add solder or fuse (as seen in our recent video:  Fusing Silver and Reticulation on Copper) then torch.

You can buy Argentium Granules for Granulation too. Otto Frei carries them and they come in a variety of sizes. Part number: 844AR-000. They are made from Argentium Silver (link is to my page on Argentium) and are used for granulation.

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