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Last updated:  12/20/22

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Things to Know Before Soldering – Videos and Related Web Pages

  • Safety

Extremely important information that every jeweler should know!  Don’t risk your life or your health!  Know the dangers of metal dust on your lungs?

  Safety in the Small Jewelry Studio

  • Ventilation

DIY Fume Extractor


  • Torches – Oxygen/Propane

 Using an Oxygen Concentrator for Soldering

  • Torches – Acetylene/Air Torch

  • portable oxygen/propane 

 Acetylene, Propane, Mapp, and Oxygen Gases – Torches, Hoses, Regulator Setup, and Much More!

  • Solder

 About Solder Web Page   

  • Annealing Sheet and Metal

  Annealing – Questions and Answers

How to Solder Jewelry

This page will lead you to places where you can learn more about soldering.  I have tons of videos on soldering and many highly researched pages on my website regarding this challenging subject!

  • Solder 101, Part One and Soldering 101, Part Two


My Webpages

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  • Charts – Soldering-related charts.  There are charts on rings and ring sizing, finishing, jump rings, annealing temps, compressed gas valve sizes, what temperature your gas burns at, and the melting points of your metal.  Also, there are wire gauge charts, millimeter to fractions and inches charts, and drill bits to wire gauge charts.  Lots of information!  All are free to you.
  • Cleaning Metal – How do I clean my metal, and why should I?
  •     On Pickle, Acid, Crock Pots, and Baking Soda – The most visited page on my site!  How to remove the schmutz left from soldering, how to make your pickle, how to use pickle, how to clean your pickle and make it last, how to neutralize pickle, and more.
  • Oxidation, Flux, and Fire scale – Why does oxidation occur?  Why do you keep getting fire scale? How do you get rid of it?  Learn the whys of what is happening when you solder and the solutions.
  • The 4 Steps for Successful Soldering – These four steps will help you to achieve soldering success!
  • Identifying Wire Solder – How to mark your solder, so you always know what type it is.
  • Jewelry Tools – Harbor Freight – Cheap tools for the studio!
  • Miter Cutting Vise and Jig: Have difficulty squaring up the ends of your ring shanks?  Check out this tool!
  • Q&A: Firescale/Firestain – See what others have had problems with and find the solutions!
  • Q&A:  Annealing – How long to hold your annealing temps? Kiln annealing.
  • Q&A:  Wire Questions. Balling up wire, tapering wire, work hardening wire, straightening wire, and more!
  • Recipes:  They aren’t just for cookin’ anymore!
    • Pickle Recipe – make your pickle.
    • Prip’s Flux Recipe – make your flux.
    • Removing Broken Drill Bits From Your Metal -snapped your drill bit and can’t get it out? Here’s how to remove broken drill bits.
    • Removing Copper Flashing, i.e., How to remove the copper coating you might get from pickling.  Also, how to remove copper from brass or bronze that comes to the metal’s surface after soldering.
  • Wire and Sheet Metal
  • What Torch to Buy:  Trying to figure out what you need to make a fire in your studio?  Check out this information before you buy!
  • Soldering in a Nutshell – my list of basic necessities for soldering.
  • Soldering Questions – You’re looking at it!  One of the most asked-after subject matter.  Many of my web pages have been inspired by soldering issues and questions.
  • Torch/Gas Questions – Portable vs. regular torches, problems with a torch, butane torches, water torches, setting up a torch safely, buying torches.

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