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Last updated: 5/10/17

Nancy LT Hamilton

Where Did You Get Your Polishing Motor


Initially, I thought this gentleman was talking about the flex shaft so, I have a different answer under Questions & Answers: Flex Shafts, Dremels, Drills, and Other Things Like That.  But, I was wrong.  He was talking about a polishing motor.  So, here’s the question again with a new answer!  If you don’t know what it is, please include a photo.  Thank you all!  Saves me a bunch of time.

“Would you please let me know where you bought the small motor that you use for polishing your projects, especially the cones that slip onto the shafts of the motor for polishing wheels and such? At present, I’m using a drill. The cones would be much more convenient for putting on various wheels.”

Second Round:

“The motor that I’m talking about is probably a 1/4 horse, shafted on both ends. You were using it to polish some objects. There were two cones on each shaft one of which you pushed on a polishing cloth wheel. The cone held the wheel without having to tighten it down with any screws or bolts. I can get a larger motor but I thought the one you have would be more convenient and compact.  I have a flex Shaft and a Dremel.”


  The one I have is a Dayton polishing motor.
I’ve seen them called polishing motors, buffing motors, bench lathes, buffers, dental bench lathes, jeweler’s lathes, etc.

  Foredom sells polishing motors. Rio Grande has a little, inexpensive one (around $63 US). Otto Frei has many too.

Harbor Freight carries two different types.    The 6″ buffer,  item# 94393 had the better review. You can buy the spindles to use with this but, of course, ensure that they’ll fit the shaft.

  I’ve heard you can get a refrigerator or dryer motor and make your own.  You can buy tapered spindles and attach them to the shaft.
Spindle from Otto Frei.   Here’s an article on making a polishing motor.