Clay Extruders

For Polymer or Metal Clays

  • Makin’s Aluminum version – this is the one I use.  But, I think I will get the stainless version.  Less cleaning when switching mediums.
  • You can find extruders at Amazon,Clay Factory inc., Rio Grande, Cool Tools, The Clay Store and at many other places. What is really nice about this extruder is the screw down top.  With other extruders that I’ve owned and used, you need to push the clay out which is insane when working with polymer clays.  I ended up adopting a caulk gun to push the clay out – that is until this one came along.  The only draw back is that it is made from aluminum and aluminum is a no-no with metal clays.  Coat the interior surface with either a spray or paint on varnish or lacquer.  You can even use nail polish.
  •  Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder – Stainless Steel Edition – About $54.00, from Cool Tools. (as of Jan. 2013).

  • Another newer option is the Clay Extruder Set carried by Cool Tools.  It looks very interesting but, I’ve not tried it yet. It runs around $34.00 (as of Jan. 2013). I don’t know if it is the same manufacturer as the one made by Walnut Hollow (for $29.99 as of Sept. 2015).  You can read reviews on it at Amazon (their price: $22.27 – as of Sept. 2015).



  • One little know fact is that you can make your own disks with a metal disk and a jewelers saw.  I used copper to create the grass for my piece A Slice of Heaven.  The only problem with the copper was, it is such a soft material that it bulges.  I just hammer it flat again after use.  You can use brass disks or if you are feeling frisky and financially wild, use silver!  The disks need to be 3/4″ and 24 gauge.  Metalliferous carries a rich low brass circlecopper circles or nickel silver (not real silver).

  • It’s not pretty but, it worked great.  You don’t have to be too precise with many designs.

  • Here’s the grass that the disk made.