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Over the years, I’ve bought dozens of tools that end up crouching like hibernating frogs in the darkened recesses of my studio.  This page and the one on Harbor Freight Tools, are designed so that you don’t end up wasting your money too! There are many reasons why my darling husband calls my studio: The Store.

A few of Micro-Mark’s tools (like everybody else’s) look like they’d make great jewelry tools but, some are just are not suited for metalwork. But, if you’ve found one that you love, that I’ve neglected to post, please email me at:

Welcome to:  These are a few of my favorite or not-so-favorite things (key the band) from Micro-Mark.  Happy shopping!

P.S:  I am in no way responsible for your safety, happiness or experience with any product discussed on this webpage –  whether it is a personal, emotional, physical or esoteric-al (new word) problem. I don’t work for Micro-Mark and won’t be held responsible for their products – in any way!  These are just my opinions based on my experiences with these tools.

P.P.S. – This page is not complete – must quit –  sitting at the computer has ruined my ability to function anymore!  More later.

superglueAdhesives – MM has 2oz. sized Cyanoacrylate glue in three different viscosities.  I hate those little tubes of (what I always call “Super Glue”.  Must have large containers like these!

beeswaxBeeswax – Good price (about $6.00 US), right size.  It’s nice to have several scattered around the studio for different uses.

mini-filesFiles, Micro – These little suckers come in handy!  Smaller than needle files they fit into tiny places.

file-brushFile Cleaner – You could probably live without this tool.  I have one and I do, occasionally use it – especially if I’m filing polymer clay.  Files do get gunked up but, I’ve found that my corduroy pants work pretty well too. It’s up to you…

hammer-chasingHammer, Chasing – This hammer is not designed well for a chasing hammer. Rio Grande sells many more, correctly designed versions starting at $12.00 US.

mini-hammerHammer, Hobby – the name says it all!  In my experience this hammer is too small, the heads unscrew in the middle of a swing and I just don’t ever use it!

sandingMicro-Mesh Finishing Kit.  I bought this years ago and don’t think it’s worth the money (almost $30.00 US).  Wet-dry sandpaper from my local True Value is MUCH cheaper.  I also love 3M’s Tri-M-Ite Imperial Polishing Papers for up to 8000 grit.

novusNovus #2 and #3 Scratch remover for acrylic. I work with acrylic and when it gets scratched I grab this stuff.  Works great.

nutdriverNutdrivers – Nutdrivers are so helpful when using tiny nuts and bolts.  This is the set I have.  Make sure that your nuts and bolts match the type of driver you are going to use:  i.e. – are they metric or in inches.

bow-pliersPliers Bow-Opening (MM calls them “Spreading Pliers”).  These pliers, when the hand grips are squeezed, open up.  They are extremely important when making a link-in-link chain.  Good price on these.

parallel-pliersPliers, parallel – Good price for these parallel pliers.

tube-pliersPliers, Tube Cutting – I occasionally use these pliers.  They work.  Note Rio sells them for about $2.00 less.

screwdriverScrew Drivers: Jewelers – These tiny screwdrivers come in handy all the time.

spring-clipsSpring Clips – I love these little guys.  I use them all the time to hold everything together.

tap-and-dieMini Tap and Die Set – if you want to make screws and bolts for jewelry, one of these sets is what you need.  Mind you, those little taps like to snap off! Fortunately, MM sells replacement taps.

ultrasonicUltrasonic Cleaner – Personally, I think these are a big waste of money for the small scale jeweler.  I have used mine twice in 15 years and got rid of it recently.  It was a Harbor Freight brand.  I like to clean my jewelry with a toothbrush (do I need to say this? Not the one I brush my teeth with!) Dawn dish detergent and hot water.  Much cheaper than this $94.95 US price tag and my hands get clean too!  Win-win here!

clampUniversal Clamp – I used to own one of these.  One of the reasons that I don’t anymore is because 1) they are a pain in the neck to hold in a vise and 2) they scratch up the metal.  Use a product like Jett Sett Fixturing Compound, a jeweler’s ring clamp, or pitch in a pitch bowel to hold pieces while setting stones.