Jump Ring Makers

One of my favorite tools is a jump ring maker. The one I use is made by Pepetools. A jump ring maker automates the jump ring making process. It’s so much easier and faster, using a jump ring maker, especially when you need a zillion jump rings for chains or chainmaille.

Even if I only need two or three jump rings, I always make a full coil of them and save them for later. I have jump rings in practically every size, gauge and metal type.

I store my jump rings in plastic test tube sets with the mandrel size, metal type and wire gauge numbers written on the side. They are organized from smallest wire gauge, smallest mandrel size and up. I have two test tube sets: one for silver and one for base metals like brass and bronze.

Test tubes and holder for jump rings

I use jump rings for making basket settings, chains, chainmaille, as links for elements, as decorations, to create consistently sized balls for granulation, etc. I’m always using or making new jump rings.

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Making Consistently Sized Spheres:

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If you are making tons of jump rings, check out the Ringinator and these two videos, that I found, for making long coils.

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