Miter Cutting Vice Jig

Nancy LT Hamilton

Last Update:  04/03/19, 12/5/18

The Vise

Square up your edges, cut a beautiful bevel, open jump rings or file flat spots on ring shanks with the Miter Cutting Vise and Jig – one of my favorite tools!

  • This is a great tool. It is used to create a 90°, 60° or a 45° angle on a piece of metal. It is perfect for filing small pieces of metal, flat.  I also use my vise to create flat ends on wire and tubing.  It can also be employed as a vise to hold your metal, tubing, and wire for filing, sawing or sanding.  I also use the tool to open jump rings with.  (See instructions below under “How to Use”).  I even use it to hold leather hard PMC when filing edges flat.
  • There are economy versions  I have both the French-made version and an economy and there is a huge difference in the machining and ease of use between the two versions – although, I need to entertain the thought that I may have gotten a lemon!  Rio Grande carries the French version which is excellent.   If your tool moves stiffly or sticks, you might want to return it and try another brand.  The tool should open and close very smoothly.

How To Use

  • File on this larger flat edge.
  • Insert your metal into either the 45-degree slot (top) or the 90-degree slot (bottom).   The trick here is to have one edge of your metal that is perfectly flat and level. Find the little peg or “tooth” that hangs down.
  • Put the metal in – flat side against the peg.
  • Leave a thin strip of metal hanging out the front  – that is the part that you will file square or will be beveled.
  • Evenly tighten the two top screws until the metal is almost immovable. Before tightening down fully,  ensure that the metal is flush against the peg – no gaps.
  • Check both the front and the back for fit against that ped – for the metal to be filed correctly it must be squarely in the jig.
  • Once the jig is fully tightened down (on the large, flat side of the jig) file the metal down to the steel.  Take care to keep your file flat against the jig.

Please see my information on the machinist’s vise too!  Another method for filing flat and 90° edges.

Other uses for the vise

  •    Hold a ring shank while filing a flat spot on it.
  •    Insert a jump ring, two sizes larger than those you will be opening, between its jaws and use the gap to open jump rings. I C-Clamp the vise to my bench.  See Images below. 

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