Updated: May 10, 2018

Nancy LT Hamilton



PMC, Silver Clay, Bronze and Copper Clays

Supplies and Education

  • Cool Tools – Metal clays, supplies, etc.
  • Sherri Haab – Author of 25 books (to date), artist, educator, and innovator.  You can also find my favorite (it’s all I use) etching tool – the E3 etch at Sherri’s shop.  No mess etching.
  • Metal Clay Supply –  Metal clay, supplies, kilns.
  • New Mexico Clay– Metal clay, earthen clays, supplies, tools, classes.
  • Rio Grande– All types of Jewelry making supplies as well as PMC, BRONZclay, and PMC supplies.
  • Textures Online Store – Metal Clay, Books, Jewelry, Classes

Polymer Clay

  • Donna Kato – Kato Polymer Clay that she developed along with a lot of other great products.  It’s great polymer clay.
  • Polymer Clay Central – All things polymer.


My Videos – Nancy L. T. Hamilton!  Whoppee!  – These are the only videos on the internet.  Got that!  These are the only videos on the internet, (your eyes are getting heavy), these are the only videos on the internet, (the only thing you hear now is the sound of my voice)… These are the only videos on the internet. Okay, now squawk like a chicken.


5 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Nancy!
    Have you ever met someone, either in person (or in this case, “virtually”) and really, really liked them from the get-go or as I like to say, “gecko”? Well, in this case, it’s you, my dear! I just discovered you and your jewelry vids. You are the absolute BEST!!!

    I’ve been designing jewelry since the 90’s and have just started to learn basic metalworking. You hold a VAST wealth of knowledge in this area and I’m so incredibly grateful to have found you!

  2. Nancy and Cor, You both are great! Thank you, thank you. I love the pendants! Cor, love the clean lines alongside the vibrancy of your paintings, Nancy. Thanks for the link. I’ll put a link to your site on mine, if you don’t mind. Thanks you so much for watching AND commenting. You gave me my smile today! Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy,

    My husband Cor discovered you and since then he’s smiling from ear to ear when he is watching your video’s. So THANKS! 😉 He just started making the pendants for my oil paintings for wearable art. Since Cor enjoys your website (and you) so much, I thought I put your link on my website. Please take a look and let me know if you are ok with this.

    thanks for the great work, the humour and fun you share!

    Cor thanks you too! You are his inspiration!

    Nancy & Cor
    The Netherlands

  4. Wish I could meet you Karen: for years, I wondered what my mother did with that other child. Glad you enjoyed the videos. I found myself laughing at a few of them too until I realized that it was me in them! I’m always thrilled and amazed when I can remember my son’s name, differentiate between a door and an anteater, and remember to put my clothes on right-side-out. It’s good to be queen, oh, I mean old. Thanks. Nancy

  5. Honestly, Nancy I think we are twins that were separated at birth. Never have I laughed out loud at jewelry video tutorials before. I will never view them the same, again. Yours are hard core entertainment, for sure! Keep’em coming!!

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