Art supplies

  • Edmund Optics – supplier of lenses and other cool stuff.  I’ve ordered their lens grab bag of lenses.  The bag cost about $8.00 and you get 20 lenses in varying sizes.  Some small, others a little larger – all useful for assemblage art as well as jewelry.
  • Aves – Maker of a very cool two part paste called: Apoxie Paste – that is workable with water (for smoothing and thinning) for about 40 minutes, still flexible for about 1hr. Eventually, it hardens to rock hard.  Great for sculpting. It’s also an adhesive medium. Takes paint wet or dry.  Aves also carries other fabulous products.
  • Kroma Artist’s Acrylics – Nice paints, mediums (no not the spiritual kind silly) and a very cool product called (ta da): Kroma Crackle Medium.  Here’s some of what this product can produce: 

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  1. I enjoy your personality, very funny. I have been making jewlery for 3 years and enjoy it so much I am either making a item or dreaming up something else I want to try.

    I just found your video’s and how kind of you to share your talents. I have learned so much. I will give all I have learned a try this week. Looking forward to meeting you often, even if it is on the internet. If your ever in Arizona I would love to meet you.

    Linda Nelson

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