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Last updated:  8/20/21

Author, Nancy LT Hamilton

I just love art supplies.  I have self-banned from shopping at any of the following stores due to my art supply hoard! But, you can shop and I can (vicariously) shop too!  Enjoy.


Alcohol Inks

Jacquard Piñata Inks

Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Cosplay Supplies

Craft Supplies

Enameling Supplies

Easy Enameled Flowers – on my YouTube Channel

Epoxies and Sculpting Pastes

  • Amazon Golden Gesso – I prefer the Golden brand.
  • Amazon Magic Sculpt
  • Aves – Maker of a very cool two-part paste called: Apoxie Paste – that is workable with water (for smoothing and thinning) for about 40 minutes, still flexible for about 1hr. Eventually, it hardens to rock hard.  Great for sculpting. It’s also an adhesive medium. Takes paint wet or dry.  Aves also carries other fabulous products.
  • Gesso can be found at any of the art supply vendors mentioned in this post, Michael’s, Dick Blick, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, etc.
  • Kroma Artist’s Acrylics – Nice paints, mediums (no not the spiritual kind silly), and a very cool product called Kroma Crackle Medium.  Here’s some of what this product can produce: 

Coloring Metal – on my YouTube Channel!

Glass/Lens Suppliers

Ground German Glass
  • 32° North. Clear, German Glass Glitter.
  • Amazon.  Glass Glitter
  • Blue Fire Molds – Glass Slumping Molds & Supplies
  • Delphi Glass – Fusing Molds & Supplies
  • G-S Supplies.  “Specialty glass for Jewelry Designers”. They produce custom glass and plastic.
  • Edmund Optics – supplier of lenses and other cool stuff.  I’ve ordered their lens grab bag of lenses.  The bag costs about $8.00 and you get 20 lenses in varying sizes.  Some small, others a little larger – all useful for assemblage art as well as jewelry.
  • UST Glass – glass tubing, rods, sheet, and more.

Glass & Porcelain Paint

Pēbēo Porcelaine Paint

Lampworking Supplies

Glass Alchemy


Metal Clay Supplies

A Slice of Heaven – Metal and Polymer Clays, Nancy LT Hamilton

Model-Making Supplies & More

  • Amazon – Model-Making Supplies
  • Dick Blick.  Art supplies, model-making supplies, etc.
  •  Model-making supplies, small tools.
  • Micro-Mark.  Model-making supplies, small hand tools, small power tools, Cosplay supplies.


Patinas and Metal Finishes

Polymer Clay


For Colored Pencils, pastels, etc.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Jewels


Double-sided craft tape – Amazon
  • Amazon, double-sided craft tape
  • Amazon, double-sided tape dots – great for holding down gemstones!
Double-sided Tape Sheets

Textile & Fiber Arts

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