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Last updated:  7/28/21

Nancy LT Hamilton Author

General Suppliers

  • A&A Jewelry Supply – Los Angeles. Jewelry tools and supplies,  jewelry displays, business supplies, gems, and findings.
  • Amazon – All metalsmithing and jewelry-making supplies.
  • BeadaholiqueLos Angeles, CA. Beadaholique TV, Instruction, Beading Supplies and Tools, Crystal, Stampings, Filigree, Chain, Tools, Butane Torches.  Mostly basic jewelry tools.
  • Beaducation – Redwood City, CA. Tools, Supplies, Video Education. Metals, Bracelet Blanks, Stamping Blocks, Riveting, Charms, Beads, Leather, Enamel, Patinas, Resin, etc.
  • Contenti – Pawtucket, RI. Jewelry Tools, Supplies, Metal (Brass, Copper, Nickel Silver, Pewter), Metal Clay, Wire, Casting Alloys, Rolling Mills, Findings, etc.
  • EsslingerSaint Paul,  MN. Jewelry-making tools and supplies.  Watchmaker’s supplies and tools. Gemology tools. Gemstones, findings, display and packaging, engraving, engraving plates.
  • Eurotool – Grandview, Missouri. Jewelry tools and supplies.  Sterling, brass, and nickel silver pattern wire, copper, red brass, nickel silver, cut-out shapes.  Torches, vises, hammers, pattern hammers, anvils, etc.
  • FDJtools – Winter Park, Florida.  Jewelry Making Tools, Polishing, Metal Working, Metal Clay, Beading, Mold Making, Classes, etc.
  • Fire Mountain Gems – Grants Pass, Oregon.  Jewelry Supplies and Materials, Instruction, Artists Gallery, Videos, Wire Working Supplies, Stringing Supplies, Crystals, Beads,
  • Gesswein – Bridgeport, Connecticut.  They also have sales through their Canadian location at Gesswein Canada.  Jewelry tools and supplies. Watch tools and batteries.  Wildfowl carving tools. (Slightly) Used tools.
  • GS Supplies –  Rochester, N.Y.  Jewelry supplies.  Hobby and Craft Supplies. Beading, Ceramics, Collecting, Doll Making, Miniatures, Model Building, Paper Craft Railroading, Rocks/Minerals, Watches/Clocks, Woodworking.
  • Hauser & Miller – going out of business as of 7/28/21.
  • Hoover & Strong – You need a professional account with a business license or resale license, among other things.  Great prices.  Mill products, findings, finished jewelry, casting, and refining. N. Chesterfield, Virginia.
  • Jewelry Supply.Com – Roseville, CA.  Crystals, Pendants, Chains, Cabochons, Beads, Wire, Jewelry Tools, Waxworking Supplies, Burs, Bits, Safety, etc.
  • Metalliferous – New York, NY. Big metal supplier.  Lots of different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses of sheet, wire, tubing, etc.  Copper and brass stampings, nuts and bolts, and other strange things are available here.
  • Micro-Tools Dixon, Ca.  General Jewelry Tools. Durston, Grobet, Fretz, Foredom, etc. 
  • Otto Frei – Oakland, CA. Metal, Tools, Materials, Findings.  Otto Frei offers many different tools and materials that are not available at Rio Grande.  The people who work there are great. Used Tools.
  • Pepe Tools – Oklahoma City, OK. Bench tools, Casting, Cutting Tools, Metal Forming, Wax Working, Rolling Mills, copper, new tools all the time.  Instructions and Videos. 
  • PMC Supplies – Metal clay suppliers, rolling mills, torches, casting supplies, etc.  Lake Katrine, NY 
  • Potter USATucson, Arizona.  Koil Kutter and Tooling, Hydraulic Presses, Jewelry videos, and how-tos. Stakes and forging tools, Shears, Forges, Pancake Dies, Silhouette Dies, Miland Jewelry Tools. Copper Sheet.
  • Reactive Metals – Clarkdale, Arizona. Get your Niobium, Titanium, Anodizers, Mokume Gane, Bi-Metal, Alloys, Patinas, Nuts and Bolts, Taps and Dies, Chris’s Cables, Drill bits, and these cool silver things they call Impressions (page 15) here and so much more.
  • Rio Grande –Albuquerque, NM. Sheet Metal, Gems, Tools, Enamels and Enameling Supplies, Findings, Finished Jewelry, Packaging, Display, Beads and Stringing Supplies, Resin, Classes, Education, Blog, etc. My main supplier because of their great prices, easily navigable website, great customer service, and excellent shipping and turnaround times.
  • Roseco, Inc. – Dallas Texas. Wholesale. Jewelry Tools and Supplies.  Loose Stones, Findings, Metal, Pearls, Hand Tools, Watch Supplies, Testing Supplies, etc.
  • Santa Fe Jewelers Supply – Santa Fe, NM.
  • Silver Supplies – Tucson, AZ. Jewelry, Lapidary, Beading, Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Stone Cutting tools and supplies. Findings, metal, books, etc.
  • Stuller – Lafayette, LA. Wholesale only! All types of jewelry tools. Pre Made jewelry, wedding jewelry, refining, metals, mountings, chain, and cord, etc.
  • Waymil – Doral, Florida. Metals:  Nickel, Copper, Nu-Gold, Brass Sheet.  Bronze casting grains, Wire, Jewelry Tools:  Dapping, Drawplates, Files, Flex shafts, Engraving, Electroplating, Rolling Mills, Safety Products, etc.
  • Wholesale Jewelry Supply – Cranston, Rhode Island. Wholesale. Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Gun Metal, Base Metal, Swarovski, Stainless Steel Chain and Findings, Beads, Very limited tools – mostly metal and supplies, etc.

Gemstone Suppliers

  • Best Cut Gems – Ron and Linda’s online store for “one-of-a-kind gems, exotic pearls, and custom made jewelry”.  Lots of beautiful stones.
  • Concave Gems – Award-winning gemstone designers: Richard P. Homer, GG, and Reginald L. Hulsey, GJG
  • Enchanted Crystal Cave – Adam collects unusual crystals from around the world. 
  • Gangi Gems (Bil Gangi) – Unique stones, wholesale to the trade.  See at the Tucson Gem Show too. Franklin Square, NY.
  • Hoover & Strong – Loose diamonds. N. Chesterfield, Virginia.
  • JewelSuppliers – Jewel Suppliers from voyages around the world.  Cabs, faceted, beads, and interesting things.
  • Lion Punch Forge (Christopher Anderson) – Small gemstone business.  A good friend of mine.  Great prices and service.  Trustworthy. Washington state.
  • Madagascar Imports, LTD. – Beautifully cut gemstones.  High Quality.  See at the Tucson Gem Show too. Laurel, Montana. 
  • Rio Grande – Many types of gemstones.  Faceted, cabs, diamonds, CZ’s, beads.  Good quality. New Mexico.

Individual Tools


Dimplers/Rivet Squeezers

  • Hand Dimpling Pliers from Aircraft Tool Supply.  Nice tool for making dimples on metal. 3 other sizes of punches and dies can be purchased to use with the tool.  Dimple sizes are:  3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″. $35.95 US as of 3/15.
  • FDJ On Time Dimpler Pliers
  • Dimpler Plier – Amazon, by Eurotool

Dapping Sets


Hand Notchers

  • Roper Whitney Hand Notcher

Flex Shafts

Mandrel Holders


  • Bezel Mandrels – Amazon
  • Bezel Mandrels – PepeTools
  • Bracelet mandrels – Amazon
  • Ring mandrels – Amazon
  • Ring mandrels – PepeTools
  • Mojave Southern Machine Works – Blacksmiths and Forge Supply
  • Please see my page on Rings, Bracelet, and Bezel Mandrels for many more links and other fabulous information.

Miter Cutting Vise

Punches and Daps

  • Please see my page on Punches and Daps for more information on suppliers and instructions.  Also, check out the many jewelry suppliers listed above under Jewelry Tools and Materials, above.


  • Gauge for Drill Bits and Screws – Micro-Mark
  • Tube Riveting Set by Tim Lazure
  • Please see my page on Riveting for more information.


  • Jilson Monodex Shear, part no. JS12 from Aircraft Tool Supply. Will cut mild steel up to 18 gauge.  You can get some interesting effects with this tool.

Tube Cutting

  • Bergeon Tubing Cutters – Otto Frei
  • Multi-Purpose Tube Cutting Jig – A&A Jewelry Supply
  • Four Angle Tubing Cutter – Otto Frei
  • Tube Holding and Cutting Pliers (Amazon)


  • General Tumblers – Amazon
  • Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler (at Amazon)
  • Lortone 33 B (2 Barrel) Rock Tumbler (at Amazon)
  • Thumler’s Tumbler Small Rotary Tumbler Kit– Otto Frei
  • Harbor Freight 3 lb Tumbler
  • Harbor Freight Dual Drum Rotary Rock Tumbler
  • Harbor Freight Vibrator/Tumbler 5 lb.
  • Harbor Freight Vibratory Bowl 18 lb.
  • Raytech TV-5 Vibratory Tumbler – Otto Frei
  • Arbe Super-Mini Magnetic Tumbler – A&A Jewelry Supply


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  1. Hi Chase, That’s an interesting question. I’m assuming you are talking about the hammer handpiece? I use mine with both my Harbor Freight flex shaft and my Foredom. They both work. As to buying the cheaper model of flex shaft: There are a few things to ponder on. Can you afford the better quality one? The Foredom is a better tool that will last longer. But, if you’re tight on money – the Harbor Freight version works fine. I’ve had three HF’s for about 9 years. Rio Grande also offers a flex shaft by Prodigy for $100.00 ( I’ve not used it though so, I cannot give you my opinion. Good luck and enjoy whatever you purchase. Nancy

  2. hey nancy,
    i was wondering if you know if the auto hammer extension for foredom flexshafts would fit a harbor freight chicago flexshaft…because i m looking for a flexshaft (dremel just aint cutting it) and if most other extensions fit it i will get the cheaper harbor freight….do you think this is wise or should i just get the foredom

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