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Author: Nancy LT Hamilton

Last updated: 2/23/23, 8/20/21

Companies that ship internationally

Gesswein – (Connecticut, USA) and (Ontario, Canada).  They ship internationally via UPS, FedEx, or others. All jewelry-making supplies, tools, and materials.

PJS  Polishers & Jewelers Supply – (Rhode Island, USA).  “We specialize in shipments to Mexico, Central America, and South America.” Jewelry, tools and supplies.

rio  Rio Grande (New Mexico, USA) –  Jewelry supplies, tools, and metals.  Hazardous materials cannot be shipped internationally.   


    FMR Herramientas

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 Australian Jewellers Supply (Multiple locations:  Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) – Jewelry tools, equipment, and much more.

 Bead Glass and Art Glass Supplies (New South Wales) – suppliers of lampwork glass and lampwork tools. Best prices in Australia with no packaging or handling fees.  Say hi to Sue for me!

 Koodak-Jewellers-Supplies Koodak Jewellers Supplies (Victoria) – “A one-stop shop for all your jewellery making findings, tools & equipment. “ 

 small-parts-and-bearings  Small Parts and Bearings (Queensland) – Australia’s version of Micro-Mark.  Lots and lots of STUFF!  Metal, tubing, glues, clamps, etc.


bead-fx  Bead FX (Ontario) – Tons of beading supplies and tools.

 emporium-vitae  Emporium Vitreum (Ontario) – Enameling supplies and resources for the enamelist.

gesswein  Gesswein Canada (Ontario) – Metals, Tools, Supplies, etc. for the jewelry trade.

Habson-Jewellers-Supplies-logo  Habsons Jewellers Supplies (British Colombia) – Findings, settings, tools & supplies, etc.

lacy-&-co.-ltd-logo  Lacy & Co. Ltd (Lacy Tools) (Ontario) – Jewelry tools, supplies, metals, etc.

Lacy-West-logo  Lacy West Supplies (British Columbia) – Tools, findings, metal, supplies, etc. for the jewelry trade.

Stockade-logo  Stockade: Supplies for Creative People (Ontario) – Jewelry supplies, woodcraft, painting, craft supplies, etc.

working-silver  Working Silver.Com (British Columbia) – Source for tools, metal, books, supplies, etc. for the jeweler.


cookson-gold-logo  Cooksongold (Paris) – Jewelry making supplies, tools and materials. I believe this is wholesale only.

Panduro-Hobby-logo  Panduro Hobby – Hobby, craft, beading, jewelry making supplies.

Selfor-+-logo  Selfor + (Paris) – Jewelry tools & supplies, watchmaking tools and supplies, etc.


fischer  Fisher in (Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg) – Jewelry-making tools, findings, and supplies.

griffin  GriffinSchramberg, Germany.  Bead stringing tools and materials.


 abm-corp  ABM Corp – Pune, India.  Manufacturer and Wholesaler.

 Eagle-industriesEagle Industries – Gujarat, India

 gogna  Gogna – Punjab, India

Green-Star-LTD  Green Stars SA PVT LTD – Jalandhar City, India – Manufacturer and Exporter of Jewelry Tools and Supplies.

Jipsy-metal  Jipsy Metal Industries– Gujarat, India

jullserg  Jullundur Surgical Works – Jalandhar, India. Tools for hobbies, jewelry making, watching making, etc.

     sunrise  Sunrise Exports – Jalandhar, India

   tools-impexTools Impex – Mumbai, India


scarva-pottery-supplies  Scarva from North Ireland.  Ceramic Supply and a lot more.  Great supplies for metal clay and also pottery.  Some jewelry books


Stuller Mexico – a large variety of jewelry-making tools and materials. 


Panduro-Hobby-logo  Panduro Hobby (Netherlands) – Many supplies and materials for the hobbyist.

Sun-Enterprises-logo  Sun Enterprises (Almere) –  Leather cord, clasps, chains, beads, hobby tools, etc.

New Zealand

G&A-Warbutsons-logo  G&A Warburtons (Auckland) – Jewellery supplies and materials.  I couldn’t find metal but, they do carry findings as well as packaging.


This information was generously supplied by Uzma.  Gul Mohammad, in Lahore, Pakistan.  Gul Mohammad does not have a website.  Contact is via cell phone or email:   Cell No: +92321473673.   Email:  Contact people:  Mr. Asim and Mr. Nadeem.  

Per Uzma, Gul Mohammad is an old, family-run business and are “good people”.


gold-craft  Gold Craft in Poland has many tools and equipment for the jeweler.

South Africa

BJ  BJ Oberholzer (in Cape Town, South Africa). Jewelry making supplies, findings, chain, etc.

Cape-Watch  Cape Watch:  Jewellery Tools and Supplies (Cape Town, South Africa). “Cape Watch is a leading supplier of precision tools and jewellery supplies. Cape Watch services the jewellery trade’s retailers, watchmakers, gemologists, manufacturers, repairers, hobbyists, and allied industries. ”


folkare  Folkare Art Jewelry  Metal clay, metal clay tools, and materials.

Panduro-Hobby-logo  Panduro Hobby (Skåne County) – A large range of hobbyist supplies.


Karamanlar LTD – in Istanbul, Turkey offers a full range of jewelry-making tools, supplies, and materials.

The UK

alchemy-ice (Merseyside) Alchemy & Ice – Tons of Jewelry making supplies, materials, and tools.

   Axminster Tool Center (Devon) –  Tools, lots of them.  Flex shafts too.

  Beads Direct (Leicestershire) – Incorporated in England and Wales but worldwide. Beading supplies.

  Big Bead Little Bead (Hertfordshire) – Beads, charms, embellishments, findings, etc.

  Cooksongold (Birmingham) – All types of jewelry-making supplies:  tools, materials, metal.

Cousins-UK-Jewelry-supplies  Cousins UK – Romford, Essex.  Jewelry tools, findings, clock supplies/tool, watch supplies/tools, etc.

Euro Mounts & Findings

  Euro Mounts and Findings. (Sydney, New South Wales).  Euro Mounts & Findings also in the UK.  “…One of the UK’s leading suppliers of wholesale finished jewelllry mounts cast collet and ring shank components, wedding rings, findings, bullion metal, and jewellery making tools.”

Kernowcraft-1  Kernowcraft (Cornwall) –  A 3 generational jewelry supply company. Gemstones, beads, jewelry-making tools, materials, etc.

  Torches: (also in the US) Sievert AB.  There is also a YouTube video on this torch by Andrew Berry.

Sutton  Sutton Tools (Birmingham) – Many types of jewelry tools.

WG-Ball-Enamel  WG Ball (Staffordshire) – Enamels, jewelry findings, kilns copper shapes, etc.  Wires.Co.UK (Essex)Wire, wire, and more wire.  Based in England.

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