Adjustable Ring Shank Patterns

The Patterns

Here’s the pattern for the adjustable ring that I talk about in my video “How to Make A Ring“.  I’ve also included a few variations on the pattern to give you an idea on how to play with a simple design.   Happy ring making!

BTW, these patterns are reproduced at 72 dpi – this will have an effect on the size – depending on what dpi you print at.  Check sizes by measuring first.

Here are those variations I discussed above:

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3 thoughts on “Adjustable Ring Shank Patterns

  1. Hi Donna, Welcome aboard the crazy train. Glad to have you join us on this journey. Also, really excited to hear that you’ve started making jewelry again. People like you make my work so rewarding. Thank you so much. Nancy

  2. Nancy, I’m so thrilled to have found your YouTube videos! You are a very entertaining lady. I’ve watched them all and have set up my old jewelry bench again. You have inspired me!

  3. Nancy. Thank you for your very informative and entertaining tutorials. I have just started a basic jewellery making course and I am finding your information very helpful. Thank you looking forward to part three of the polymer clay ring. Kind regards, Elizabeth from Melbourne Australia.

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