Basic Bail Patterns

Go to this Google Doc link for the printable Basic Bail Patterns.

Command or Control P to print. (Hold at the same time).  You can also choose:  File/Print.

Please see my video:  “Two Bails and a Clasp” for video instruction on how to create these bails.

The “dots” you see on the end of the bail patterns are “suggested” drill points for riveting.  Suggested!   

All of the bails started out with one simple concept: a mirrored image.  My designs evolved and got more complicated as I drew.  There are THOUSANDS of different designs waiting to be drawn – go for it.

I recommend 24 – 20 gauge metal for these bails. You can scale these to fit your project.


3 thoughts on “Basic Bail Patterns

  1. Hi again Sammy! Do you mean the gauge after it is twisted? Or before? Honestly, it can be any gauge. I usually add different gauges of wire together. The twists can be anywhere from 22g to 6g – depends on how much wire and the gauges of wire that you use. Does that help? Let me know if you need more information. Thanks Sammy. Talk to you later. Nancy

  2. Dear wonderful Nancy,
    Please suggest what gauge sheet metal would be appropriate for these bails.

    Also what gauge wire did you use to make the clasp in your video?
    New silversmith

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