Fold Over Bail Pattern

Please see my video: “Two Bails and a Clasp” for video instruction on this project.

Here’s an easy, non-soldered bail to try.  Try reducing or enlarging it for different sized bails.  You can also alter the shape, drill holes all over it (not on the fold), make it longer/shorter, whatever.

You should be able to right click and copy the above pattern to save on your computer.

Above:  On left – finished bail, on right sawn, pierced and not-quite-done bail.

4 thoughts on “Fold Over Bail Pattern

  1. Thank you very much Ms. Hamilton. I have been trying to make bails from metal sheet. Since the moment I saw your model I liked it very much, you had a wonderful idea. Thanks.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for posting it. I am still in the learning phase of jewelry making and this is a good idea to add to my binder of instructions.


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