How to Make Flat, Square Edges on Sheet Metal

In this video, Nancy LT Hamilton shows you how to achieve flat, square edges on sheet metal using either sandpaper, files, the guillotine shear, the Wolf Belt Sander or the miter-cutting vise/jig. Included in the video are specific instruction on how to use the miter-cutting vise (available here:, as well as instruction on the use of the triangle and the drafting compass. Nancy will also show you how a block of wood and a couple of files can help you obtain 90° angles.

A Tour of My Studio!

Nancy takes you on a private tour of her studio, which is where she makes her jewelry and where she films her videos for YouTube. In this video you get to see where all the magic happens, and you get a peek at all of the stuff she’s been collecting over the years. A few people have been asking for a tour, so here it is!

Note from Nancy: By the Way, that stupid cabinet is called a Taboret! I remembered the name of it about 2 days later. Sorry about the stuff!

How to Make a Ring


In this video we are going to make a Polymer Clay “doughnut” ring with an open shank.  There are three videos in this project and we cover the following subjects: 1. Building a ring shank – how to size the shank, what metal to use, shaping the metal on a mandrel 2. Doming metal, creating a dimple and making a two part mold for the polymer clay doughnut.  Finishing the polymer clay 3. Making a washer and riveting the ring together.