How to Finish Jewelry

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about finishing jewelry! Really, everything! Nancy shows you how to (safely) Polish, Buff, and Finish your Jewelry with a Buffing Motor (aka Polishing Motor or Bench Buffer) and a Flex Shaft. She discusses different types of compounds including Rouge and Tripoli, and different types of buffs including Muslin, Flannel, and Felt. You will also learn how to fluff your buff!

Nancy also shows you how to polish with a Flex Shaft and discusses Heatless Wheels, Satin Finish Wheels, Grinding Stones, Polishing Pins, Rubberized Abrasive Wheels, Sanding Drums, Micro Polishing Bands, Sanding Discs and more.

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Jewelry Tip: How to Sand

In this jewelry tutorial I will show you how to sand your jewelry using two methods; by hand and with a sanding disk attached to a flex shaft.

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