Marquise Stone Setting

Nancy LT Hamilton


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The following lists are for links related to my video on YouTube:  Setting a Marquise Stone for Faceted and Cabochon Gemstones. Release date 10/14/22, 6:00 am PST.  See below for Part 1 and Part 2 of this video series.

If there are no links it is because the company doesn’t offer an affiliate program.  Affiliate programs are one of the only ways for providers of free content to receive payment for their work.  When a supplier doesn’t offer an affiliate program, I don’t supply links to their products.  I list tools and materials from non-affiliated businesses solely as a service to you.

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Tools at Amazon

   GRS Standard Block Shelf

   GRS Adjustable Height Bracket

   GRS Fixed Mounting Plate

   GRS GraverSmith

   GRS Benchmate Encore QC Setters Package

   GRS Benchmate Encore Basic Package

GRS Quick Change GraversFlat

GRS Quick Change Gravers #3 Onglette

   GRS Quick Change Gravers – Handle

   GRS Quick Change  – Tool Holder Standard Size

 GRS ID Ring Holder

   GRS Gravers Block – Micro BlockXL

   GRS Thermo-loc

   Needle File – Barrette

   3M Pro-Polishing Papers

   Diamond Polishing Compound

   Silicone Polishing Tools – Dedeco Polishing Points

   Foredom Hammer Handpiece Duplex

   Foredom Hammer Handpiece – Non-Duplex

   Foredom Flex Shaft

   Orange Flake Shellac

   Pitch and Pitch Bowl



   Blade Butter

   Foredom Quick Change Handpiece H.20

   Foredom Hammer Handpiece – Duplex

   Foredom Hammer Handpiece – Non-Duplex

   Foredom Flex Shaft

GRS Products –

GRS Heat-Treated Steel Points

GRS Quick Change Gravers – Flat:

GRS Quick Change Gravers – #2 Onglette

GRS Quick Change Gravers – Handle

GRS ID Ring Holder

GRS Gravers Block – Micro BlockXL

GRS Thermoloc

GRS Thermoloc Holder

GRS Benchmate

Other Suppliers – Miniature Reamers  SKU: H311

Rio Grande – Stone Setting Stops:  Item 113148

Stuller – Busch 2mm Setting Bur – Item #: 18-4054:264479:T

Stuller – Ball Bur 1mm – Item#:  Item #: 77-1010:100000:T

Stuller – Ball Bur 2mm – Item #: 77-1020:100000:T

Stuller – Orange Flake Shellac – Item #: 12-2270:132199:T

Stuller – Thermo-loc Jaw Set – Item #: 26-4220:100000:T


Miscellaneous Information

Graver Sharpening GRS Academy

My Related Videos

  • Easy Marquise Stone-Setting

  • The Split-Shank Marquise Ring

  • Setting a Marquise Stone for Faceted and Cabochon Gemstones (Released 10/14/22)

  • How to Remove a Flex Shaft Handpiece & More!

  • Flush Setting 3 Ways – Part 1 (see 5:02 to make a punch).  The only difference is that you want to flatten the end as opposed to rounding it.  If you want a burnisher, follow the directions in the video.


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