Split Card Setting

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Nancy LT Hamilton

Entered: 4/10/20

Here are some split card setting patterns. The split card setting is a simple and elegant way to set a stone. The setting involves minimal soldering but, it does require precise sawing. I recommend practice! It always helps.

It’s easiest to glue to pieces of metal together, paste the pattern on, saw out, etc. and you’ll have two matched settings! Go ahead and file and finish while the two pieces are joined. That way, the pieces will match perfectly.

DON’T cut the slots until you separate the two pieces of metal!!! After they are split, then saw the slots.

Please either make a sample or check your stone against the pattern before creating your final setting. I am NOT guaranteeing that the sizes are accurate!!! Also, not sure about the size of the patterns after transferring from my Photoshop file. Print a copy first and check. You may need to resize the whole sheet or individual settings.

You can 2 finger, on a touchpad, to copy the image or you can screen copy or…you’ll figure it out!

Look for my upcoming: How to create your own Split Card Setting patterns, here on NancyLTHamilton.com!

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