3 thoughts on “Jewelry Tip #10: Annealing Wire

  1. Hi Kimberlee, You can find Magnifiers at many different stores. I purchased mine from Rio Grande. http://www.riogrande.com/Search/magnifiers. The ones I purchased are called: Megaview (http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Megaview-with-Three-Lenses/115717?pos=13) I like that they don’t confine my vision as the “Optivisor” brand does (http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Donegan-Optivisors/113199?pos=1) They have several styles and price ranges. Harbor Freight also has an optivisor. That link is: http://www.harborfreight.com/head-strap-magnifier-with-work-light-95890.html. I’d recommend buying the best that you can afford as you will be wearing these a lot – especially as time goes on. It’s amazing what a difference a magnifier can make. Suddenly, that piece that didn’t appear to have scratches, is a mess. They are also great for setting stones. I would be lost without mine. Thanks for watching and writing. Take Care and enjoy your new vision! Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I have watched your videos and they are great!! You mention optimizers to help you see. I am past 40 and find that I am straining my eyes to do what I love. What are optimizers and where can I find them?



  3. Hi Nancy!
    Absolutely gorgeous jewelry, you are a very creative and talented lady! I’ve gleaned much from you videos but I was hoping you could give me some tips on annealing sterling silver wire for a graduated chain maille necklace I would like to complete. Wire gauges from 12 to 20; do I need to anneal all sizes or only the thicker ones; would your wood block wire straightening idea work for sterling silver; should I tumble the rings in steel shot after forming and cutting the rings before I make the necklace or once the necklace is completed?
    Thank U

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