Jewelry Tip #13: All About Solder

In this “Tip of the Day” I will show you all about how to use solder in your jewelry.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hi Linda, Thanks for the comment and the question. I am pretty sure that you can’t solder Artistic Wire (I believe that is the one you meant – the colored wire?). That is because the color is applied as either an enamel or it is plated. The heat from the torch will remove the finish. I’ve emailed the company to find out for sure. I asked them also, if it could be annealed and what the base metals are. So, when I have a definitive answer, I will let you know. You can solder any of their wires that are solid brass, bronze, copper or silver. So, I’ll get back to you and thanks again. Take care and happy creating. Nancy

  2. Nancy
    Can you solder wire like “artist wire” if so can you tell what to use.
    Thank you
    I love you video’s

  3. Nancy,
    I would love to know if you would possible make a tutorial on how to re- size a ring (from a say size 6 or 7 ring) to a smaller size ring such as a size 5 or 4. You’re a great teacher and I’d truly love to know how to re-size ring’s (sterling silver 925) and if you would 10K14K gold (if possible) I really pray you’ll do this tutorial. There’s some out there but very poorly done.
    Thanks so much!
    God Bless

  4. Where did you get your metal scissors? Looks very sharp. Mine’s a pain to use. Thanks for the videos. I enjoyed watching & learning from them.

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