Jewelry Tip #14: Using Household Ingredients in Jewelry

In this “Tip of the Day” I will show you how to use common household ingredients in your jewelry.

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10 thoughts on “Jewelry Tip #14: Using Household Ingredients in Jewelry”

  1. Nancy,
    What can you use to clean sterling silver jewelry that’s old and turned black and has spots (light) from wear & tear (maybe fire scale??) ..basically it’s very dull/dingy..Is there a way to completely get the silver back to it’s original state of shiny/new? The store brand cleaner isn’t touching this stuff..nor the polishing cloths? I have some beautiful pieces that have been worn to death & over the years just looks terrible..Can they be recovered from this state?
    Thanks for your help! Love your videos

  2. Nancy, I just wanted to say thank you for your tips and tutorials. You have a shining personality and I have really enjoyed viewing your site and youtube videos. Happy Holidays! -Robin

  3. Hey Lisa, First off thanks for the kind words. Glad you’ve used the Citric Acid thing. I’ve never tried it myself. Heard of it and even posted info on it on my website. Now, I really have to check it out. You could use cheap vodka???Hah. Thanks for commenting and watching – it makes the work worthwhile. N

  4. Brilliant! I use Citric Acid powder I got from a drugist here in France. I add it to heated water and within 15 minutes the piece is sorted. I have to admit, I cannot see myself using my 2 gallon Absolut Vodka bottles for flux, but it is nice to know that in a jam I can. I have yellow ocre also, but the liquid paper trip is another I could surely use if required. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Hi Nancy, I found your comment on my site after deleting over 300 spam! Sorry, I have no idea what I am doing with my WP site and it was a shock! HA~! The email has changed to my domain so it should work now. I am so impressed with you…how do you do it all!?? fabulous jewelry, networking, blogging and videos and so well! I have shared your website with members of the Central Oregon Metal Art Guild here in Bend, Oregon and we want to know if you are interested in doing a workshop here. We are seeking four artists for 2011. We are limited on space, so about 6 to 8 students depending on the project. We can provide housing, travel and expenses. I would love to talk to you more so email me at I don’t see a contact or email for you? We would be interested in attending a workshop in CA as well! Sisters in Metal, Stella Rose

  6. Hi Stella, Thanks for the great words of support. I used to teach in Mendocino but, since their management stir-up, I haven’t been back. I hope that in the future they will 1) still be open and 2) that I can teach there again. There are talks about me teaching at the Calistoga Arts Center, In Calistoga, CA – somewhere after 02/11. I’ll try to remember to let you know when that happens. I’ll post it on my site. Sorry for the delay in responding, even though I knew about this feature of my website, there is no reminder mail to let me know when someone comments and I’m such a addled woman, I keep forgetting about this feature. Thanks again. Nancy

  7. Of course it is always a surprise when I find someone I connect with on the internet in so many ways! I love your work and truely inspired. After being a hygenist for 20 years I have decided to pursue metal work and primarily self taught. It has been a fun ride, but many hours in the shop! as you know. Thanks for the tips… I actually found myself answering you out load and laughed that I was speaking to a machine… you transcended that. Do you ever teach a Mendocino? I have taken a couple of workshops there. Just beautiful work! Stella

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