2 thoughts on “Jewelry Tip #9: Getting Ready to Solder

  1. Hi Tramara, Thanks so much! So, the higher the gold content, the nicer the balls! That sounds odd. But, you know what I mean. The copper in the sterling and in the gold is causing the bumpy surface – you’re not burning it. Fine silver, Argentium silver and 18k would work better but, there is a way around the bumpy surface. Get yourself some cup burs. Start with a size, slightly larger than the ball, then move into one that fits around the ball. Move the tool – in the flex shaft or Dremel, in a circular motion, around the ball. Here’s a link to a Rio Grande set: http://www.riogrande.com/Product/LYNX-Cup-Bur-Set-of-12/344365?Pos=1 Heat the wire, above where you want it to melt. Ensure that you are holding your tweezer, straight up and down. Hope this helps and thanks for writing. Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I love your videos, thanks so much. I make my own ear wires and ball one end of the wire. This is very easy to do with sterling silver, but I am having a lot of difficulty balling up gold filled wire – I seem to ‘burn’ the wire- it is left bumpy and the ball is misshapen. I was wondering if you might have a tip for me? also, when I ball up sterling silver wire, the ball seems to form on one side only.
    thanks so much!

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