Jewelry Tip: How To Saw

In this jewelry tutorial I will show you some simple sawing tips.

Note: We’ve uploaded the videos up to 720p resolution so watch the highest quality that your internet connection will allow to see the details better.

In this tutorial, Ill talk about:

  • * How jewelry saw blades are numbered
    * How to tell what direction a saw blade’s teeth are facing
    * How to cut out a pattern in sheet metal
    * How to cut safely
    * How to make multiple copies by sawing only once.

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Nancy L.T. Hamilton

P.S. It seems the video had some weird color balance problems so you may see the colors change around a bit. Sorry if that causes some annoyance. We will work on fixing this in future videos.

Blade sizes in jewelry

7 – The largest jewelry blade, chunky teeth
4/0 – Use on 20-24 gauge metal
8/0 – Eight Aught, the smallest toothed jewelry blade. Fine work with thin metal.

Other tips

To check what direction the teeth of your blade is going, drag you finger along the length of the blade. If you feel some resistance, that is the direction the blades face. You want the teeth of the blades to face downwards, when inserting into your saw frame.

4 thoughts on “Jewelry Tip: How To Saw

  1. I absolutely love your designs as well as your videos. I have two questions pertaining to two of your videos. One is in your sawing video you say to angle your saw to cut into the metal for the initial cut. Every time I go to start a cut into my metal to saw it my saw blade skips all over the place and won’t stay put and and start in one place. My question is what could I possibly be doing wrong? Second question pertains to your riveting video. I bought some rivets at Michaels crafts and no matter what I do, when I use the ball end of my ball peen hammer I always end up hammering the hole closed on the rivet. What could I possibly be doing wrong there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. amazing Nancy, you are very creative !! how did you learn all these amazing skills?

    Am also wondering if you can help me to know how could I plate Copper with silver and gold?

    Chapeau for your creative work!
    Walaa Samara

  3. Thanks Ngahina, I really appreciate those kind words. Sorry about the late reply, I was on vacation. Have fun in those jewelry classes. The craft is very addicting. More videos on the way. Nancy

  4. I am really enjoying watching your videos on your website. They have been so helpful to me. I am currently being taught bench jewelry in Raglan New Zealand and have been for 1 year now. I love the craft and try to learn all I can on utube as well as from my tutor. You have been teaching me things that are taken for granted and you have a very good disposition in teaching, I learn easily from you and you are very funny. Thanks so much Nancy for all your help.

    Kindest Regards
    Ngahina McGrath – Hamilton, New Zealand.

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