How to make Decorative (or fancy) Rivets

Fancy Rivets – In this video I discuss how to create different types of rivet heads. One omission: I forgot to mention – to clean up round rivets after they get smashed by riveting the back side – use a cup bur, of appropriate size, to re-round the head.  This also works with copper or sterling balled wire that is less than perfect.  Please see my Riveting Basics video first, if you don’t know how to rivet.

Cup Bur –

8 thoughts on “How to make Decorative (or fancy) Rivets

  1. Nancy,
    Came across your videos, they are AMAZING! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, you are very generous with your knowledge. I love your work.

  3. Hi Elisha, That’s pretty cool. Glad it helped. One note, I recently switched over to a ball pein (using the round end) for riveting. I used the wedge shaped, riveting hammer, for years. The reason: I found that my rivets were more symmetrical, rounder and I was, therefore, happier. Try a comparison and tell me what you think – if you want. Good luck in school. N

  4. Thanks so much for making this tutorial video. I am having the hardest time in jewelry class, but now I think I may be able to make a rivet!

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