How to Make a Domed Ring

Published on Aug 25, 2012

Nancy shows you how to make a simple domed ring. If your husband is too cheap to buy you a ring you can make your own! Part one of a two part series.

Note from Nancy: Here is the link to the Ring Blank Sizing Chart: and another link, this one to my page about Pripp’s Flux: That hammer, I couldn’t recall the material of, is a Urethane hammer by Bonny Doon. Here’s the link at Rio Grande Jewelry:

Link to Dapping set at Harbor Freight: $39.99 as of 10/12

Okay, I’ve got, yet again, another note: In the beginning of the video I say add a 1/4 ring size for comfort – if you were making a non-domed ring, add 1/8 size for comfort. I added 1/4 size because it was tight and I also knew that when I domed the ring it would shrink.
Once again, I apologize for my inability to recall the names of tools, objects and people and for not using a script or a teleprompter!

One more link: I was looking at the Bonny Doon Vertical Vise (…) and thinking how much I could use it but, I’m cheap and didn’t want to spend 250.00 plus tax and shipping. I found this thing called a pipe vise or bench yoke vise and thought it would probably do fine for holding ring mandrels and bezel mandrels. So, I ordered one. I’ll check it out and let you all know. Here’s a link to one of the more inexpensive ones: I purchased this one: at 156.00. There are other, less (and more) expensive ones. This Shop-Tek one is only 29.99: The Bonny Doon vise is beautiful and is great with the tools that they have designed for it. I was just looking for a new mandrel holder and thought I’d take a chance. Who knows, might be a return in my future.

9 thoughts on “How to Make a Domed Ring”

  1. Hey Theresa, Here’s that ever tardy Nancy again! Thanks so much for the comment! You are a determined woman and I applaud you! Three videos of me and I’m ready for a cocktail and a beach!!! Thanks again. Nancy

  2. Hi Kim, yes I have and it is PERFECT. I wish that I had bought one 15 years ago. It is sturdy, easy to use and inexpensive – that’s how I like my men! HAH! I love it. N

  3. Hi Carol, Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I really, really appreciate your kind words. Glad my teaching style works for you – at least I’ll keep you wondering what thing I’ll forget next! Take care and create up a storm. Thanks again, Nancy

  4. Carol Marszalek

    Hi Nancy,
    You have given me so much inspiration and info. I’ve been making jewelry for 20 yrs. (mostly self taught) . You get to the point and you are easy to learn from. Of coarse, your sense of humor is right up my alley.
    Thank you so much. I will be looking for for of your tutorials.

  5. Hi Annie, well, we are working on the next video. We will be filming on 10/11/12 and it should be up a day or two later. I’ve been gone for over three weeks and had no email access while gone. So, I apologize for the slow reply. Are your stones round? I was going to present how to set a round stone. Let me know if you have another shape as I might be able to incorporate that too. Take care, congratulations and good luck. Nancy

  6. Nancy, HELP! ! !
    I watched your latest video on how to done a young. Great info, thanks.
    You indicated there would be follow up videos on finishing the ring and seeing a faceted stone.

    I am about to remarry after 13 years of being a widow. We bought mandarin garnets several years shop. We had hoped to have someone make rings from rose gold and set the garnets. We want matching rings.
    Unfortunately, the custom jeweler went out of business. With the increase in gold prices we can’t even try to buy anything we want.
    I am not crafty. I have never made jewelry. I do sews. I can do basic carpentry, so I can use various tools.
    I really need your other related videos.

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