Jewelry Tutorial #1: How to make a hook and eye clasp

In this jewelry tutorial I will show you how to make a hook and eye clasp for your jewelry.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for watching!

4 thoughts on “Jewelry Tutorial #1: How to make a hook and eye clasp”

  1. Barbara Colberg

    I love your tutorial! I noticed you said you cut 6 milimeters however your table is marked centimeters. I’m assuming you meant centimeters; milimeters would be pretty darn small. LOL! Just to let you know.

    Thanks again

  2. Nancy Olsen-Harbich

    Thank you! I just took my first class on anything “metal” yesterday, came home full of enthusiasm but worried that I’ll forget everything. These videos you have produced are so helpful and a great reference. You are a wonderful teacher.


  3. Thank you for such informative videos! I am just beginning to learn how to make jewelry from “scratch” and have learned a lot from you. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me. I look forward to more…


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