2 thoughts on “How to Make Jump Rings

  1. Hi Ellie, Sorry for the slow reply. I answer thousands of emails and it takes me forever! Plus, I was gone the whole month of June. Ah well…

    You asked about copper jump rings and how to make them strong. What I do is make them of a thicker gauge. If that is not possible, (with two pliers) open and close them several times (side to side, right?). This will work harden them. If you are using the jump rings for a bracelet or any area that will have stress on it, I recommend 14 to 12 gauge wire. Or you can solder them. Copper is a very flexible metal (as you’ve found) especially when annealed. Hope this helps and sorry for the tardy reply. Take care. Nancy

  2. That was great! Thank you so much for taking the time to make these. I have a question. When I make jump rings out of copper they are not strong. I tap them with hammer before cutting. What else can I do?

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