4 thoughts on “The Flex Shaft and its Many Uses

  1. So am I safe to assume the flex shaft is a more powerful tool than the Dremel or it’s knock offs?? I am finding my Dremel to be under efficient for a lot… But obviously from this video the FS does SO much more!!
    I am very new to this, so thanks so much for your videos! 🙂

  2. Hi Bob, you hit the nail on the head when you said my videos were unrehearsed! I’ve been looking for a way to describe them and you found the right word. Of course, we should add: unedited and unmanicured! For some reason, early on in our filming, I decided to include my “unrehearsed” flubs and not edit them out. (Although, if I had, there wouldn’t be much video left to watch!) I wanted people to see a real person, making real jewelry. Oh my, I’m off on a tangent again! What I really wanted to say was: Thank you so much for a lovely comment. Take care and enjoy this life you have! Nancy

  3. informitive and helpfull. i like your natural unrehearsed format. keep the videos coming. they are helpful for fumble fingered begineers liike me.

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