A Tour of My Studio!

Nancy takes you on a private tour of her studio, which is where she makes her jewelry and where she films her videos for YouTube. In this video you get to see where all the magic happens, and you get a peek at all of the stuff she’s been collecting over the years. A few people have been asking for a tour, so here it is!

Note from Nancy: By the Way, that stupid cabinet is called a Taboret! I remembered the name of it about 2 days later. Sorry about the stuff!

6 thoughts on “A Tour of My Studio!”

  1. Hi Geraldine, Thank you! Since that video was made, I did some overhauling myself – new cabinets, stuff off the walls. It feels so much bigger and cleaner now! Good luck with your studio – it’s a huge job. Thanks again. Nancy

  2. Thanks for the tour! I plan to get my studio in shape this year…this was helpful. I enjoy your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Melodie, Thanks for writing and glad you enjoyed my videos. I’m assuming, with your creative background, that you will take to this like a bird to the sky. I too had done a bunch (a big bunch) of other crafts before coming to metalsmithing. I consider all my other crafts as research and development for my current love, jewelry making (almost 15 years now – the longest I’ve ever stuck with one). Good luck in your new adventure and hope to hear from you again. Nancy

  4. Melodie Fairburn

    I am new to wire work, gems, beads jewelry and love it. I am not new to creatively working with my hands…quilting, painting, woodwork, rug hooking…the list goes on lol. My basement has so much “stuff”.

    I really enjoy you tutorials and discovered you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.


  5. After touring your studio I feel a heck better about my “stuff” morphing into so many areas and taking over the premises. My caveat is that I am also a painter and so I have loads of canvases and paint and ideas along with the jewelry making supplies. Since I love working with metal, space, organized space is a goal. Like you, it is sometimes a challenge to remember where it all is and find it pronto. But the nature of our creativity is such that we keep lots of stuff for future ideas that percolate in the brain and hope we live long enough to do most. By the way, website not up yet as moved not too long ago and want to start the site over and make it better. Anyway, enjoyed your tour and carry forth. Kate

  6. Dear Nancy,
    I laughed a lot on your word count, is your sun???
    It´s very funny!!! So you said 30 times the word “STUFF”!!! We used much this
    word here, we say : “Coisas”…..Minhas Coisas “(my stuffs).
    So, I liked so much the video,and YOUR STORE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL AND ORGANIZED!! I think is the better we can do with so many little things,”or stuffs”,
    if you prefer.Congratulations.

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