What Video Would You Like to See?

I was wondering if my YouTube subscribers have any particular videos they would like me to make. So I’m asking you: What jewelry tutorial video do you want to see? I want to know what YOU want to know! So please leave me suggestions and write them in the comment section below. Come up with your own idea or pick one of my ideas, and the video topic with the most “votes” (including comments and “likes”) will be the next video we make!

As of 11/26/2012:
Well, the results are in and they were as varied and interesting as you, my dear viewers, are. There was an amazing 42 different categories with multiple variations within those categories.  I created basic categories even though some of you offered very specific subjects like: setting a heart shaped stone – in this instance I would record the vote under “Settings”. So, what I figure is that we’ve got lots of videos to make and I better get busy…

Oh, the winner?  Ahem..drum roll…..It was a tie, with 14 votes each,  between etching and hinge making.   Close on their tails (with 13 votes each) was Chasing and Repoussé and Finishing/Polishing.  Thank you all so much.  I loved reading your ideas and adored your enthusiasm and support.  Now, let’s hope you like the videos!  Thanks again!  Nancy

Here’s the results in order of votes per category:

14: Etching, Hinges

13: Polishing/finishing, Chasing repoussé

11: Harbor Freight

8: Mixed media/found, Enameling – torch

7: Steam punk

6: Settings – Cabs, Metal Clay, Projects, Settings – all shapes

5: Pin backs, Clasps – box/focal

4: Beg. Bench, Soldering – all forms, Flex shaft

3: Forging

2: Cold connections, Metal various, Charm construc., Molding, Engraving techniques, Granulation, Design/inspiration

1: Solder-less beads, Polymer clay molds, Wax work, Stone inlay, Clasps -Multi-strand, Settings -Flush Products,/bead, Pricing, Chain making, Filigree, Stone cutting, Texturing metal, ventilation – DIY, Protecting/sealing, Display/packaging, Rings-design/constr.

0: Other beads (obviously the big LOSER!)

23 thoughts on “What Video Would You Like to See?

  1. Hi Stacy, First off, thanks for the fabulous comment! Thank you. On the Everbrite, I tumbled it for a few hours and it remained on the metal – although, because it was in a aqueous solution, and probably because of the pounding of the stainless steel shot, it did take on a whitish color – like the surface was abraded. I used Everbrite on my Seaweed Necklace but, I don’t think a necklace will show the wear that a ring or a bracelet would. I’ll try it on a Liver of Sulfer-ed ring and see what happens. I would think that, given the pounding it took in the tumbler, and the fact that it stayed in place, indicates that it would wear well. But, I won’t know, for sure, until I try it on the ring. I’ll post results in a few months. Hope this helps. Take care and thanks again. Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Just found you for the first time through your videos – love all the examples/variations you give and the pros and cons – very informative (watched how to make a straight edged metal square – never knew about the mitre cutting vise). Then looked at all your beautiful, diverse jewelry – yum!
    Then watched your ” what videos would you like to see”/look at what I’m working on. At the end, you mentioned that you were going to give Everbrite a test along with other spray protective coatings- may I ask you to extend your generosity one more time and let me/other loyal fans know what your testing showed regarding ‘wear and tear” of your colored pieces? Thanks in advance if you have the time to share this information. And that’s for the other videos you’ve done – I plan to watch them all as time permits – as a friend of mine would say ‘you are a hoot’ (she’s not nearly as old as that makes her sound)

  3. Yes Beth, where have you been? Well, you’re here now so, welcome!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I love your little town and was there twice, recently: once last spring and once this past summer. Stayed at the Monterey hotel in a haunted room and some ghost poked me in the shoulder at 5am. It was fun and a bit nerve wracking . I live in Santa Rosa, CA so, we aren’t that far away. I’m going to be teaching in Sebastopol soon at Chimera Art Space (https://vimeo.com/62700375#signin) and, if you subscribe to my free newsletter, you’ll be notified of the dates – when we finally get the studio up and running.

    I think it’s wonderful that you think my studio is clean! I have been accused of being a hoarder! I purchased cabinets with lots of drawers and shelves to stash the hoard in. I’m trying to keep clutter at bay by not having a lot of “stuff” on the walls and cleaning up after I work, each time. Did you see my old videos about DIY desk storage (http://youtu.be/SHiA-_xqFl8), Using Scrap Wood for Storage http://youtu.be/7PyvpRZG19s) or Organizing Paper in the Studio – (http://youtu.be/OcqUTVIwJ7A)? There’s a start for you. Sweeping every month or so, helps the floor stay kinda clean – but, not much! Hah. I’ll add your suggestion to my list and I thank you very much for letting me know what is important to you! Thanks again and have a beautiful day. Nancy

  4. Hello Nancy,
    Where on earth have I been? I have just discovered you, your beautiful jewelry and fantastic videos. I have spent the last 2 evenings looking and watching. I know I am very late in responding to your request for video ideas, but I would be very interested in seeing how you organize your studio and keep it so clean.
    Your videos are so helpful and you are so fun and entertaining. I wish you lived here in Monterey…it would be such fun to know you personally.
    Thank you very much for all of your wonderful help.

  5. Hi Donna, First off, Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Great video idea. We have a bunch of other videos ahead of that but, creating a cabochon is on the list. Thanks again, Nancy

  6. Nancy I love your video’s they are so easy to follow. I would really love to see a video on how to properly use bezel wire. I bought a beautiful peice and dont really know what to do with it.

  7. Hi Grace, Thank you so much for such a great comment! Several years ago, I did a show in Northern California. A young woman, at the show, told me that my jewelry was “Steampunk”. I had no idea what Steampunk was at the time but, looked it up as soon as I got home. I was intrigued and very excited to see this unique combination of past, present and re-imagined. I could definitely relate.
    We have a new video, full-length (not a free one, alas) that we’ve been working on for 8 months – way too long. The video will (hopefully) be available for download in January of 2013. The reason I mention it is because it’s a “Steampunky” piece – a little Victoriana, a little me. No Cogs present. So, thanks again and talk to you later. Hope have (or had) a great holiday too. Take care. Nancy

  8. With regards to No.7 – Steampunk:

    I’m an old-school Steampunk (too much emphasis on the old these days I feel), and I have to say that your work is ALREADY Steampunk.
    Your pieces frequently have the antique, “Victorian era -with their imaginary idea of how our present might be twist” which is characteristic of SP; the intricate and elaborate detail one would expect from true SP; and the unique asthetics and highly personal style that many in the SP community value greatly.
    Unfortunately there seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding about what Steampunk is – I have refered people to this blog for my personal “perfect jewellery ideal for the discerning Steampunk lady” (excluding SP jewellery that is also a device).
    Hmmm, perhaps when people are requesting “Steampunk” jewellery videos from you it is the device-jewellery they are interested in…… a personal time-machine on a bracelet is rather handy after all. I really hope they don’t just want you to add random cogs and gears to your pieces.

    Whatever the case, I look forward to more videos (I’m torn but I think I would have voted for hinges too) and learning new skills from you (and also seeing more of your jewellery creations).

    Thank you, best wishes and Happy Holidays from a fan of your wonderful metal-work and vidoes,

  9. Hola Jessimar, ¿Usted quiere decir, crear las formas de papel o metal o en 3-D? Muchas gracias por su sugerencia. Lo siento, mi español no está muy bien. Pero, amo practicar ya que he estado estudiando español mucho tiempo. Tenga cuidado y estar bien. Adios, Nancy

  10. Hello again, again Lana. This is your third email this morning! I don’t know if you are lucky or are starting to feel harrassed! Swage block is a great idea. The one on my desk, my husband made for me so, it’s a one of a kind. Whoppee! Talk to you later. Nancy

  11. Hi Maria, Thank you so much. I really appreciate your suggestions – all great ideas. Funny, so far, the most votes I’ve received on any one technique is “2”. Looks like I’ll do them all – if I live long enough! Take care and thanks again. Nancy

  12. hola Nancy, como estas? me gustaria que publicaras un tutorial de como elaborar figuras geometricas como un cubo, esfera y triangulo< de antemano muchas gracias por tus aportes, son excelentes!!

  13. Hey Miss Nancy…..I would love to see something on using a swage block….I noticed one on your work bench … It’s a bit different than mine but I can’t find any videos at all except for one on making a Lilly from the person I bought the block from…

  14. Nancy:

    First I have to tell you how much I enjoy and learn from your videos.

    I would like to see videos on chasing and repousse, making metal beads, folding metal, patinas or other types of coloring on metal and maybe annealing different types of metal.

    Thank you and keep up with the great work.

  15. Hi Nancy,
    i would like someone to show me how to assemble a propane tank to the torch , how to turn it on,etc. i think i am ready to graduate from my butane torch. but i got enough sense to know i am not ready to use o2 and propane. i choosing propane since i have use to fuse. i hope this email is not too lame. luv your videos.

  16. Hi, Nancy — Since you seem to be able to explain complicated things in such an easy,understandable manner (and I know we all thank you for that), how about one that talks about what types of drill bits there are and which are better for what, as well as the sizing. I am a relatively new Fordham owner, and am thinking about getting a drill gauge and some new drill bits — but don’t know what kinds to get, and don’t understand if the numbers I hear on some videos (#59, 60, etc. are bigger as the drill gets larger, or not. How’s THAT for a run-on sentence?

  17. I have been searching with no results for a video that will show making a basket (prong setting) for smal (4×6) rectangle gemstones along with other shapes besides round

    I really enjoy your videos and appreciate your sense of humor… thanks

  18. Hi Nancy, I would like to learn tube and flush stone setting. Your videos are so very appreciated.Thank you Benita

  19. I would LOVE to see you construct the ring you have on your right hand during the video about what’s on your bench.
    Love your vids and the way they present them.

  20. Hi Nancy. I would like to see a video of you showing us how to make domed earrings with maybe some dangles hanging from the bottom.

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