What’s on My Bench?

Ever wonder what’s on that bench behind Nancy in the videos? Well here’s an in depth look at Nancy’s current projects.

The artist that did the sculpture of the baby doll and rabbit is Deborah G. Rogers. She can be found on here:

4 thoughts on “What’s on My Bench?”

  1. Hi Gretchen, Thank you for the lovely email. Sounds like we are of similar minds. Unfortunately, I have so many emails, that I am on the computer all day, everyday now. Which is why this response is so late. I apologize. I just can’t physically keep up with it all. That said, I really enjoy speaking with everyone and truly appreciate that people have taken the time to write. I guess, that I just wanted to explain my tardy response. So, on to your question:

    I do not, at this time, have any mold making videos. But, as you are familiar with metal clays, you’ve, no doubt, heard of the two part silicone rubber molding material? Here’s a link to the one RioGrande.com sells: http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Rio-Cold-Mold-Two-Part-Compound/701046?Pos=1. I would try using something like that.

    Maybe down the road we will do a casting video. It is such a time consuming process and the tool expenditure is high for most people. That’s why I like the silicone material. There is also the Delft sand casting system: http://www.fdjtool.com/ProductInfo/CA9000N.aspx. Hope this helps and, once again, I apologize. Thanks so much, Nancy

  2. Gretchen Schaumann

    Thank you Nancy for sharing your videos. I found this one to be delightful, as you hate he truths bout many artisans. That we do not work in tidy little desk on one product at a time. Creative minds need freedom to work on the project that currently inspires them, at the timing of this greatest inspiration for each piece we create. One days I find myself highly productive, and other days are spent doing administrative duties, another may be shopping for unique onus elements to us in my mixed media deigns nod yet another day it may be spent being inspired. I literally have found if I work as the Spirit moves me, I do my best works.
    Stumbled upon your wonderfully informative site through Pinterest today, and today has become a day of academics while viewing various videos you’ve shared on our site! Not exactly what I planned for my afternoon, but surely turned out to be a great diversion as well as an inspiration to try some new things that I may have been orderly intimidated to try.
    Years ago I attended some lasses in silver metal clay, and dabbled with creating some molds. I wood like to create one mold of one beautiful, vintage religious medals an am wondering if you’ve ever done a video relative to creating molds and or casting anything,

  3. Hello again Suzi, Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I can’t wait to see the seaweed necklace too! There is never enough time or energy to work, these days. Take care and thanks again. Nancy

  4. hi Nancy!…thanks again for another great video!
    I always get wonderful info from them…or inspiration of some description..lol

    Interesting about the Seaweed necklace design too..can’t wait to see it completed.

    And yes!…experimenting is great!..I love experimenting with things to see how far I can take something or how it will hold up in it’s *wear-ability* and how durable it is too.

    So yes!..it’s amazing we actually end up making something at times hey!…lol

    Suzi 🙂

    ps. Sorry I didn’t get back to you about the gremlin on the email – but I’m not sure you would have seen the *space* as you sent the email..lol Think I may have inadvertently deleted it too….ah well!..the video is up – that’s the main thing! 😉

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