How to Make a Ring


In this video we are going to make a Polymer Clay “doughnut” ring with an open shank.  There are three videos in this project and we cover the following subjects: 1. Building a ring shank – how to size the shank, what metal to use, shaping the metal on a mandrel 2. Doming metal, creating a dimple and making a two part mold for the polymer clay doughnut.  Finishing the polymer clay 3. Making a washer and riveting the ring together.

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  1. How to make a ring, you know at first I thought I’m not gonna be able to do this thing on my own, I mean, in my house but when I watched the video, oh come on, that’s how they do it? Incredible!

    How do I sell online

  2. HI Patricia, You don’t HAVE TO sweat solder silver to a copper ring. It’s just something I do when I sell my copper rings as the copper can turn fingers green. If you do sweat solder, the silver can be very thin like 28 or even 30. Of course, that very thin silver likes to melt. I’d run the solder on the copper part and then solder the silver on. I make the copper/silver sandwich first – while the stock is still flat and easy to work with. Then shape the ring after the sweat soldering is done. Use hard solder for the sweat. Thanks, Nancy

  3. Thanks for the info. I forgot to ask you one other thing. In the video you mention sweat soldering silver to the copper ring shank, so you always do that with Copper? Can the silver be a very fine gauge (like 28 or 26ga)? I will try and send you a picture, but it might be awhile before I get to this project, plus I need to order some tubing.
    Thanks Patricia

  4. Hi Patricia, Thanks for the nice words. In the video I was using copper (I believe) The discs were 22 gauge as was the cap. You can use any gauge though. It’s easier with thinner metal like 22 gauge – especially for the molds. I buy my metal from Metalliferous and Rio Grande Jewelry. Both are great suppliers. Have fun making the ring. Send me a picture when you are done! Thanks again. Nancy

  5. I am so glad I found your web site. I love the Polymer clay ring and have been looking for a project to incorporate polymer and metal. This is perfect. I have a couple of What metal were you using in the video, what gauge metal was used for the discs to make the donut molds and cap on donut? Do you have a supplier you prefer buying your metal from. Thanks for all your help and I can’t wait to try and make this ring.

  6. Firstly, I should have all the equipment before I’ll make a ring. This instruction is so helpful. Thanks for featuring it here.

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  7. Hi Grace, can you run any You Tube videos? Are you running them from my site or from you tube or somewhere else? I haven’t heard anything from anyone else and they work on my end. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll look into it some more but, I’m no computer genius! Thanks for trying to watch my videos. I hope we can get them to work for you. Nancy

  8. Hi Nancy, I’ve been trying to watch your videos on How to Make a Ring as I am especially interested in learning how to rivet metal to polymer clay elements but I can’t get the videos to run. I have the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer. Any suggestions?



  9. By the way. I love watching your videos. You are very entertaining to watch. Thanks.

  10. Hi Nancy,
    Where is part 3 of the Polymer clay doughnut ring? I got to the end of part 2 and couldn’t find part 3.


  11. I love watching your how to videos, and I don’t even make jewelry! If I did I’d definitely want you as my teacher – you make me laugh. Too many people take themselves way too serious and make learning scary. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  12. I viewed your video on Youtube and also left you a comment. In watching your video you mention a ring sizing chart on your site which I can not find, I hope it was not right in my face (senior moment)

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