Belt Sanders

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wolf-belt-sander  The Wolf Belt Sander.  It runs off of a flex shaft.

Don’t forget your goggles and have either a dust collection system or wear an approved particulate mask, when using it!  Also, things can get hot FAST!  So, either wear gloves, work slowly and let the metal rest or use a jeweler’s ring clamp. 

Ring-clamp-adaptation  See my ring clamp adaptation at DIY Tools (on my site).

Types of Bench Top Belt Sanders

  • eastwood-combination-sander-grinder  Eastwood makes a 1/2 horsepower, 8″ combination sander/grinder.  It’s around $100.00
  • Harbor Freight – they carry two types that will work for a benchtop system:   Harbor-freight-1'-belt-sander  One (Item #60543) has a single, 1″ belt and  Harbor-Freight-Lg-belt-sander the 4″ sander (item #97181 – at Amazon, it was cheaper there but, shipping brings it up!) has a wider belt and a disc sander.  It has a 3/4 motor. The larger belt sander has a larger bench footprint: 24-3/4″ H x 15″ W x 14″ L.  Weight: 37.5 lbs..  The 1″ system is 13 1/2″ H X 11 1/8″ L X  9″ W.  Weight: 13.3 lbs.  It also has a 1/2 horsepower motor.

*Note:  no more Harbor Freight links for me!  They change them too often to keep up with them.

  • The Wolf Belt Sander (at Amazon).  I own this and love its small footprint.  It’s great for small jobs like grinding edges flat or shaping.


Belt Sanding Supplies

  • I like the 3m Trizact Belts for the Wolf Belt Sander.  They are available from many places in the USA: Gesswein, Rio Grande, Otto Frei, FDJ.. Outside the USA:


Otto Frei

Video Instruction

  • FDJ Tools YouTube Video: Using the Wolf Belt Sander.  He talks about setting up and using the sander.
  • Kate Wolf Video: 4 Wolf Belt Sander Benchmate Adaptor.  Kate shows the usage of the GRS adaptor and a few, surprising, things that I never thought of doing with the sander – upside down?  Wow.
  • Kate Wolf Video: 3 Wolf Belt Sander Clamp.  Kate shows you how to use the sander clamp in interesting ways.