Belt Sanders

 Note: this page is under construction and not complete! Soon!

wolf-belt-sander  The Flex Shaft Belt Sander from PepeTools.  It runs off of a flex shaft.

These little, benchtop belt sanders are awesome for squaring the edges of metal, quickly cleaning up weird solder globs and are amazing for wax working too!  I have one and I use it often.  Just another fabulous tool for the ever-useful flex shaft!

Don’t forget your safety goggles and wear aN95 particulate mask.  Big heads up here:  things can get hot FAST!  So, either wear gloves, work slowly and let the metal cool down or use a jeweler’s ring clamp to hold your work.

Ring-clamp-adaptation  See my ring clamp adaptation at DIY Tools (on my site).

Replacement belts for the Flex Shaft Belt Sander are available from Pepetools.

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