Information on Materials used in the Creation of Jewelry

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Actual processes are discussed on the techniques page.

Tools can be found here.

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4 thoughts on “Materials”

  1. Hi Karon, I’m not sure which tool you mean? There’s the Bergeon Tubing Cutters, (, The tube-holding and cutting pliers: and the miter cutting jig: Hopefully, one of these will work. The hardware store doesn’t carry these specialty tools. All the links are to Rio Grande Jewelry. Good luck and I hope this is what you meant – if not let me know! Take care and thanks for the lovely comments. Nancy

  2. Nancy,
    I found you!! What a great site and all your great videos! I want to learn to tube rivet. Watched your video. Wanted that really great tube holding tool and cutter. Went to the hardware store and tried to” expain one” — got the deer in the head lite look. Can you tell me what they are called so I can ask for one?


  3. love the Scottish Thistle! I have one tattooed on my forearm! Thanks for all the tutorials you post, that are easy to follow and very helpful. Keep them coming!

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