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Following is a list of publications that my work has appeared in.

Metal  Clay Artist’s Magazine, written by Julia Rai.  Volume 2, Issue 1 2010.

This piece appeared in Art Jewelry Magazine in the March 2010 issue.  They will also be publishing one of my clasps in an upcoming article.

The Art of Metal Clay: Revised and

Expanded Edition(this is the link) by Sherri Haab. Back cover and interior images.

Exceptional Work in Metal Clay, ( link) PMC Guild Annual: 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Magical Metal Clay Jewelry by Sue Heaser.  Published by Krause Publication.

Articles written and published:

Studio PMC Fall 2006, Volume 9, Number 3.  Article: “Carving a PMC Pendant”

Studio PMC Fall 2005, Volume 8, Number 3.  Article: “Beautiful Backs”

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  1. Hi Kurt, thanks for the suggestions. The reason my vise was moving was because it was broken. The internal suction thingy is rattling around in there. I have since purchased a standard desk vise that I clamp to my desk. I could have clamped the original vise but, chose the lazy, complaining route instead. On your second item, are you talking about using the compass with a digital caliper? What is a dial test? Thanks for the astute observations and suggestions oh, and the thanks. All are appreciated. Thanks again and take care. Nancy

  2. hi nancy i watch your video on a dome ring i saw 2 things that you may want to look into your vice is moving because the lock is hitting the base before locking (bend the handle out some so it doesn’t hit the base or try a bolt instead)

    when you where using the compass you could have also used a dial test it doe the same job and you wouldn’t have to use the ruler.

    i really like your videos please keep them up thanks

  3. Dear Nancy,
    Thanks SO much for such a generous, informative and beautiful website!
    I’m 50 and just beginning to learn silversmithing…..and having GREAT fun!
    For what it is worth, your site has earned a spot on my ‘bookmarks’ ! (nestled between gmail, CBC and my banking site).
    Cheers, and great thanks,

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