Saw Blades

Last updated: 6/4/20

If you want a direct link to the Google Sheets file, here it is!

3 thoughts on “Saw Blades

  1. Nancy, thank you so much for this chart (Saw Blade). I’ve been confused with these ratio’s to ratio’s for over a year now. I thank God I found you and this all the time. I hope you feel the positive energy coming your direction every time I do!

  2. Hi Nancy, I just found this site and love, love, love your jewelry. I think you were is Micheal Demeng vial class with me because I recognize some of the pictures. Small world I can’t believe it. I make jewelry but have not where near the expertise you have. Do you teach? I would love to learn from you. You can find my blog at:

  3. Nancy,

    I love your work. Your videos are helpful as well as entertaining. I have the same office assistant, Bk is a calico 3 year old. She is my color expert. I live in NJ and work full time is a very non creative field. I have wanted to learn about making jewelry for as long as I can remember. Our local colleges DO NOT offer any jewelry classes. Believe I have been searching. I was not suprised to learn that you life on the West Coast.

    I would love to learn how to make a pendant that is double side that can be turned over. Im not sure what you would call it and I cant attach a pic here 🙁


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