Fancy Wire


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Above, is a SMALL sample of the different types of Fancy wire that you can make.  All you need are a few tools and some wire.  Sounds pretty easy?  It is.  As with most of metalsmithing, it takes some practice.  But hey, what else do you have to do? (that’s a joke!)

Tool List:

Drill or flex shaft (with movable chuck) preferably reversible.

 This drill (Item #60614) is available at Harbor Freight Tools for under $20.00.

Or you can use a hand drill.

Or even a flex-shaft.

4 thoughts on “Fancy Wire

  1. I make my own jewelry, my own beads and now I am thinking of making my own fancy wire? I really have to think about this one since I already made my own website. I just made myself tired.

  2. Wow! Thanks for such great inspiration! The wheels are turning and the ideas flowing: WHirr, whirr whirr…. Your videos are fabulous and full of great tips. Thank you!

  3. I see you finished your post! This looks like fun and maybe great for our workshop. Although many of our members would like to learn ALL of YOU!! I WILL be in touch to get all the details…promise!

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