Tube Rivets


This pendant is attached to the cord by jump rings that run through tube rivets.

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Tube Rivets are another method of riveting but, as the name implies, you use a tube as the rivet!  Amazing, isn’t it?  Please see my video on Basic Riveting 101 or check out my technique section for a tutorial on Basic Riveting if you are unsure how to rivet.  Watch my video, How to make Tube Rivets, for an alternative to this text.

Tube Rivets

The requirements for tube riveting are different than for wire rivets.  For the tube rivet, you will usually need a larger hole, to accommodate the (usually) greater diameter of the tubing. The other difference is that you need a tool to flare out the tubing and one to flatten, the flared tubing, down.

tube-rivet-tools Some Tube Riveting Tools

Rivets can be made with commercially available eyelets or pre cut tubing but, the cheapest way – especially in the long run – is to make your own from tubing.  AND, the best way to get the tubing sizes that you need are to make your own tubing but, that is a subject for another web page!

brass-rivets  Rio Grande’s Brass Eyelet Assortment

So, to start, I’ll talk about a few of the tools you will need.  I will show you cheaper alternatives and some of the pricier options.  Sometimes the cheapest route is the best, other times:  “you get what you pay for”.  So, here we go…

What Tools You’ll Need

You only need one of the tools listed below.  Some of us have them all though!  (Ahem).

A tool to make or drill holes with.  That includes, Dremels, Flex Shafts, Pin Drills, Manual Drills, Punches and Screw-down type punches.  Please see my web page for more detailed information on Flex Shafts Dremels and Drilling Tools. 


Metal to rivet into


Riveting tool(s)

1. Plumb Bob

2. Commercial Riveting tool


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  1. I’ve wanted to try to do some tube rivets on my own (learned how to do them in a metalsmithing class), but I can’t seem to figure out where I can find the tubing. Do you have a good source you’d be willing to share? Also, where did you get those nifty tube holding/cutting pliers you had in your video? (I’m a tool junkie!) Thanks!

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